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This is a free service , very helpful for the new users , so take advantage of it and I wish it brings some hope & success for you! It has helped me a lot to build my followers , nothing to pay , free of cost and its very easy to handle. Let us build a strong community , here. Team Work make the Dream Work. Click here and SIGN UP!


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in order to get the most out of this network of users. you must pay a fee.

I already use https://steemfollower this service since a while but I didn't see that my newest post upvoted as I upvote others newest post!!
How can I deal with this problem?

When you click on the up vote Exchange , and as it pops up , if you see on the right side , the number of up votes you are due , would be shown there , and the system keep on displaying your most recent post unless and until it is up votes equivalent to the number of up votes you used for others. It happens automatically and you need not to worry at all,

You can have a track of your up votes here.

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