Announcement: I will also be active on Youtube again!

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Hello dear Steemians,

just a few minutes ago, I uploaded a new video on my Youtube channel, after almost one year of inactivity. This is an announcement that I will be active again on my Youtube channel, after I have only used Dtube for video uploads for one year.

I will not be active again on Youtube to receive many clicks and it´s not about making money, because I'm not a Youtube partner anymore since the Youtube partnership terms changed. Mainly I want to collect the videos for myself for quick access and make them accessible to people who are interested in traveling and vlogs.

Here you can watch the video on my Youtube channel and I also would be very happy about comments and "thumbs up" under the Youtube video:

Of course I will also continue with my (almost) daily vlogs on Dtube and I will only upload a selection of Vlogs on Youtube.

Dtube will remain my preferred video upload platform and I would like to use my Youtube channel to educate more people about Dtube and Steemit in the future.

Best wishes and see you soon!

Jonas - @future24

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