(Youtube) Vlogmas | Days 1-2 | Xmas Decorations & Sketches

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Happy Saturday, all!

Sooo yesterday I decided to do a crazy thing and try Vlogmas this year. I actually vlogged for a solid year in 2016 before stopping. I've been wanting to revamp my channel to do more art things, and somehow my brain thinks this is the way to do it...

Rather than make 2 separate posts, I'm just gonna share both days in one.

Vlogmas Day 1: I basically show off my Xmas decorations and talk a bit about vlogmas and my channel.

Vlogmas Day 2: filmed at midnight today XD Just finished my submission to @jonny-clearwater's Holiday Pixel Art Contest and wanted to get some filming in bc I naively thought I could cram it into day 1.

I'm gonna go ahead and say right now: sorry for the lame quality! I'm filming all of it on my phone T-T. One day I will get a nice camera. Today is not one of those days.

Thanks for watching!


hello @corinneiskorean

i like your vlogmas. cool stuff you got going on.

i hope this Christmas you will get a dope digital camera.

you deserve one. You've earned a following from me

happy Sunday to you too.



Yeah... I also want her to have a cool camera. Sure she will do a great lot with it. Amazing artist you are, CorrineisKorean, that actually isn't Asian at all :-D

hahaha thanks! (half-Korean is still asian! lol)

aww thanks! idk if i'll get a camera this year, but maybe next year! :D thnx for the follow!

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