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HALF BAKED! Do you think my belly is bigger yet?! #twinning

Today is the next episode of TWIN TUESDAY'S! Did you check out my live stream pregnancy test?! You'll find my 12 week twins ultrasound in that video. Who all is excited to watch me grow throughout this pregnancy with twins and see how I grow compared to my singleton pregnancy with Jackson. Check out my pregnant belly with twins at 18 weeks! I am 18 weeks pregnant with twins, that means I am halfway through this pregnancy. They are the size of artichokes now, which is around 6 inches. Their body is now proportioned and its just growing in size and fat stores now which is awesome. The nausea has gone but the exhaustion is lingering. It's hard to catch my breath sometimes. I can't finally eat meat, all I want is salty carbs, veggies and fruit! We are not finding out the genders until their birthday which will be fun and exciting. My pre pregnancy weight was 160lbs and I am now 165lbs. I hope I went over everything for 17 weeks pregnant and hope you follow this journey!
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