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RE: @osamarodriguez wins 129.1 steem! | Slotto

in #video3 years ago

@osamarodriguez, Congratulations for winning the effective Steem amount and make an effective use of it.

@roundbeargames, In my opinion Slotto is awesome from where we standing, and in my opinion you know it better in and out of it, but i hope that whatever it is you will going to come up with an effective plans.

And waiting to see your new game, yes, daily games for sure can increase the Engagement Levels. So good luck for whatever idea you hold.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂


yes daily games would be nice and simply more engaging :)
we just don't have a big enough playerbase for that yet. hopefully we will later on.

Yes daily games are really effective for sure. Good luck for your future initiatives and enjoy your day ahead. Stay blessed. 🙂