First Wedding Video Shoot Completed

in video •  last year 

Completed my first wedding video shoot this weekend, and wanted to talk about a few lessons learned from the process. In addition, I have a sneak peak teaser video which I shared with the couple to show them a quick look. Hope you enjoy.

With Gratitude,
Captain Bob

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Cool video @captainbob . Just also watched your interview with @steemcafe :)

I took note of your comments, especially in regards to the types of videos coming on to Dtube. Which gives me more confidence. I would really look forward to your future tips in regards to production, presentation etc. This will help lots of us loads.

thanks for your insight,


Thanks @intrepidsurfer. Happy to try to help as well I did a full presentation on Story at the Steem Creators Conference which is up on DTube that might be useful. I'll work to put up continued content on production and presentation, etc. Thanks for watching and commenting!

I always appreciated from you also enjoyed dear

What kind of photography do you usually do?

It's hobby photography mostly with nothing specific. While I enjoy shooting photos, I don't think I'm particularly great at it, but I have massive respect for those who are. I don't often feel I'm good at "capturing the moment" with photos, hahaha.

appreciate the shared experience man.

it’s awesome what you said about learning new things and we should want that when trying something new.

my goodness could i have used that advice throughout my life lol

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Thank you man. I appreciate that comment. I feel like anything I can share and pass along to help everyone else avoid some of the same pitfalls is a win/win for all of us. We can all learn and grow together is my hope.

You have to really enjoy doing that work to do it in my opinion and it seems to take a certain breed of person. A lot of patience, accommodation, humbleness, and professionalism. So props to you and great job on the teaser! You're awesome dude!

Thank you! I appreciate it.