Action 10 News Confronts Assistant DA About Flatline Conspiracy Documentary

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The documentary is now officially a success following coverage on a major news network in Corpus Christi. Andy Liscano of Action 10 News confronted the Assistant DA about the documentary produced by Compound Films which spotlighted negligence in the handling of this murder case.
It was current Nueces County Assistant District Attorney Matt Manning who dismissed the case in 2015.
Today he told us why.

“When the case was dismissed, we informed the family that it was dismissed with the understanding that there was some last second developments in the case. And we thought that we had to re-assess those developments before we went forward to trial.”
In addition to the film, there is also an online petition, already signed by nearly 2000 people, calling for Mendoza’s case to be reopened.

But Manning says the petition isn’t necessary.
He told us he personally spoke with Mendoza’s family 2 weeks ago, telling them that even tho no charges have been filed against Jesse Wayne Taylor, the DA’s office is still investigating.
“If we decide to take a step back and re-assess a case, then that’s us trying to be prudent. That’s not us shying away from seeking justice. It’s the opposite. It’s us saying, you know what, let’s re-assess, because if we only get one bite at the apple, you gotta get it right.”

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