Voices From the Mountains Live Tomorrow

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Welcome to Voices from the Mountain!

Every Saturday 3-5am UTC you can catch @intuitivejakob, @lpfaust and @falseyedols on the @msp-waves Radio network for #vfmradio.

Tune in via the PAL Discord Server or the MSP-Waves Site if you’re looking for some fun and a bit of lighthearted humor!

Our hosts keep you entertained with comedy, music, a head’s up on the weekend’s astrology, and it’s tough to say what else, because the show never ceases to surprise.

We are BIG on community!

We love showing love to other creatives, positive initiatives, and participants on our show over the Discord chat during our show! We have featured music and projects from other Steemians and love getting traffic to your blog! Feel free to send Falseyedols (@falseyedols#1856 ),
Faust (@lpfaust#8848 ) or Intuitive (@IntuitiveJakob#7088 ) any songs or content you may want featured on the show! You may also drop links in the comments.

🎯 Tomorrow’s Topics Include 🎯

Daily talk with your hosts (ya never know what you’ll get!)

Astrological Distillate with highlights for Fri – Sun, provided by @intuitivejakob

Satire/comedy piece provided by @lpfaust

Community music shoutouts and plays provided by @falseyedols

What is currency? Provided by @lpfaust

Art curation initiatives provided by @falseyedols

🎵 🎶 Featured Artist’s Music 🎶 🎵

Hostioso (@hostioso) - Rap extraordinaire

Edprivat (@edprivat) - Multi- instrumentalist/singer

Falseyedols (@falseyedols) - Producer/musician

Elimence (@elimence) - Producer/emcee

Emily Strange (@emilystrange) - Singer extraordinaire



Come join us!!!

We can’t wait to see you on the show, and look forward to sharing all the great content we have in store for you! We are in the works on some big initiatives, so be sure to stay tuned every week. Much love from your hosts @intuitivejakob, @lpfaust and @falseyedols.

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1st time seeing this .... Congrats on the show fellas... Will resteem to spread the word.. Keep inspiring !


@wolfnworbeikood thanks for the resteem. If you have some time, come join us tomorrow we'd love to have you in the audience.


True indeed.. Whats your discord?




Yeah fam I will totally play some Second Womb sometime! You should send me some MP3's on Discord ;) Thanks for the support too! We've maybe done 10 episodes I want to say? We have a lot of fun


This will be our 14th.


Daaaaaaaaamn already?!?! Wow that's awesome


Yeah! "Time" flies!

Voices From the Mountains Live Tomorrow has been resteemed by the @resteemmuse!