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The FairCosa Foundation

A hand UP, not a hand OUT

More than 100,000 #veterans will sleep in prison tonight. Join the FairCosa Foundation’s mission to help them reenter society successfully: . #reentry #secondchances #share2steem #powerhousecreatives Video:

External Link : https://bit.ly/2TG21Bn

External Link : https://bit.ly/2COnqTa

Message from the President 10/31/2018

About The FairCosa Foundation: A message from the President

If you'd like to help give a hand up, follow us on Facebook or give us a retweet on Twitter

Faircosa Foundation




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There sure is a lot of injustice in this world...

There is indeed. We punish folks with incarceration, then continue to punish them long after their sentence has ended.

Fairthing, how bout a farthing for a fortnight. Support for those that served for us. Perhaps in more ways than one.

Hmmm.... I'm not sure that I follow you, but I do believe in supporting those that served for us. :-)

Faircosa ‘cosa’ means thing in English. Ie I wrote fairthing, which sounds like a farthing , an old type of small money.
You can serve your country and serve your time in prison. Thus my last sentence was referring to that. Basically my whole comment was alliteration and word play. Not really meant to be taken serious.

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That makes so much more sense now. :-) Cosa is Italian, right? I spent a couple years learning Italian on DuoLingo - can't say it got me very far, but I've kind of got the basics. Does Fair have a translation? That would be fun.

The name itself comes from a portmanteau of Matthew's family names - his father is Fairfield, while his mother's maiden name is Cosand. Matthew has definitely done both - served his country in the military and served time in prison; now he's serving his community. I'm so proud of him.

I dig word play - it's just really hard to hear tone in written communication sometimes, so I didn't know how seriously to take your comment. :-)

Haha, yeah I’m not really known for my clarity.
Cosa is thing in Spanish. Though maybe is same in Italian as there are lots of crossover words with same Latin roots.
Fair in Spanish is Justo
Haha. Has a ring to it!

Thanks for the background on the name. I’m proud of Matthew too! Math U2 🤪

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JustoCosa! I love it! When we branch out into the Spanish speaking world, I'll be sure to use that one - you'll get credit of course. ;-)

English 4Me


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This is picking up quite a bit! Exciting movements forward. You and your husband truly have such a great heart. Big hugs to both of you!

Thank you so much! We have a website now too! :-)

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