Some Video On The Roads Of Iraq!

in veterans •  8 months ago

This is some video of the roads of Iraq. This is the only thing my U.S phone was good for over there was taking pictures and making some videos. Some of the pictures and videos got lost as we moved and I misplaced the thumb drives and the hard drive I had them on.

You can see some of what it looked like over there. It was a dirty city as there was trash everywhere most of the time. We went out many times on sanitation runs just to clean up a lot of the roads in the area. I might put up some more of these videos if you like seeing them. I do not have many but I will share to give you an idea what it was like over there. As many people will never be able to see this country, I would really advise not going over there for a vacation or a sight-seeing tour. LOL

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Thanks for the video and great soundtrack! I think I saw a pile of unattended watermelons somewhere in there lol.


Yeah, times like that got hairy. It still bothers me when I watch these videos sometimes. The VA told me it helps to see things and allow my mind to realize I am not there.


Tho's kind of things scare the shit out of me. Tho's where places IED where..

I do not miss that place.


I do not miss it at all. I wanted some people that have never got the chance to see any of it a small peek. This was a good day!

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Thanks...I'm interested in seeing more! What was that tall round tower on the left side around the 2:30 mark?


I asked that question and was told it was a water tower, however, I am not really sure. There were lots of things that were different from how we build here and some things we were amazed that was standing.

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