Vessel 0.0.9 - Witness voting, improved delegation controls, auths, and custom_json ops

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If you're active on a few of the various chats or github, you may have noticed that last week I released Vessel 0.0.9 quietly. This post is to announce that release and catch anyone up that may haven't noticed. This new release introduces a couple of new features, including witness voting, which was implemented by a contribution once again from @netuoso.

Before we dive in, the obligatory "halp what's vessel?" information...

What is Vessel?

Vessel is a desktop wallet for the Steem blockchain, which you can download and use on your computer. Vessel is free to use and open source, and is designed to be a way to help secure your account on the Steem blockchain. While using Vessel, your keys/password never leave your computer, transactions are signed within the app, and then broadcast to the network much like any other downloadable cryptocurrency wallet.

Here's a few of the other most recent updates, as well as the original announcement:

Download Vessel

Vessel is still beta software and it's recommended that you treat it as such. Before committing irreversible actions on your account (such as large outgoing transfers), please test with smaller amounts to ensure it's working properly on your computer.

Download available on github for macOS, Windows and Linux.

What's new in 0.0.9

  • Witness Voting
  • Improvements to Delegation Controls
  • Account Auth Overview
  • (Developer Tool) custom_json operation creator

Witness Voting

Thanks to @netuoso for the implementation of this feature - it's a great addition and will help protect the keys of the average Steem user.

Within the Accounts section of Vessel there is now a Witness Voting section all accounts can use to cast or uncast their votes on a per account basis. The green + button on the right allows you to cast a new vote (by account name), and the orange trash button lets you remove a vote.

Improved Delegation Controls

Since the introduction of delegations in Vessel - the interface has been weird. This was in part simply because when it was built, I wasn't absolutely sure on how it functioned.

The controls in 0.0.9 have been updated to hopefully remove some of that confusion. You can now edit existing delegations instead of having to add another delegation (which you can't actually do), and the interface itself lets you specify exact amounts. The corresponding values will be automatically populated as you change the fields.

Account Auths

With the rise in usage of Account Auths through services like busy/utopian and SteemConnect, I felt we needed something to show what these applications are doing to your account.

The account auths section now outlines the keys and auths that control each account within Vessel. This release doesn't allow for modification of these values - but that will be added at a later date.

custom_json operations

This is more a developer tool than anything - but I'm hoping some other developers and services find it useful. You can create any form of custom_json operation and broadcast it with any imported account.

I won't dive too much into detail on the uses for this, but the next release of chainBB will illustrate it in action.


There are already a few features slated for 0.10.0, including a more advanced version of the custom_json operation creator. I'd expect this next version still yet in 2017.

Thanks yet again for the contribution @netuoso, and I'd encourage anyone else interested to join in and contribute. You're welcome to join us in the steemdev discord community chat or on the /f/steemdev forums on I'll continue to share the rewards of these posts via beneficiaries with those who contribute :)

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Thank you @jesta this is an amazing product you make and I am so thanful for a way to acess my Steem and even have a way to power up or down and withdrawl during any situation even if and are down! I love teh combination of @chainbb and Vesel and I wonder if we can expect a standalone desktop CHainBB program? Maybe combine ChainBB inside of vessel?

Would it be possible to allow a browser to be inside of vessel so that the posting key can be used to login to chainBB and maybe have one standalone wallet like vessel that also has ChainBB and advertise it as a mobile app and make ChainBB a sort of forum tool that is advertised as just a FORUM for helping people solve problems and getting paid!


It's definitely possible to see some cross over between them. chainBB itself is designed in a way that it would work as a desktop app itself, I'm just not sure if it fits inside of Vessel, especially while trying to keep Vessel as a secure way to store your active keys.

I wouldn't rule it out - though it's not something I'm personally working on at this very moment!

Awesome piece of software jesta. I must say that i had previously not heard of this. But will consider using it in the future. Good luck with future development!


I am in the same boat. I previously haven’t heard of this either, but it is worth the time check out further. Hopefully more great things are to come and i cant wait to hear about the next

Vessel is shaping up nicely. One feature I'd really like to see is posting from Vessel so I wouldn't need to hassle between personal, project and testing accounts. It would be huge help.

I must say witness voting is really welcomed tool as well.

Thanks to netuoso for great work.


An all-in-one dashboard would be sick! Perfect to monitor chainbb forum posts. Bad ass as is though.


Well acct history.... But I can't complain, as is..


It'd be interesting for it to be a standalone posting tool, that's for sure, and make it a lot easier to post from different accounts.

I think chainBB will likely see features like that before Vessel does (unless someone else implements a posting interface). My only fear is that adding too many features to Vessel itself may make it harder to use. It's all a matter of just nailing it and doing it right :D


Steem really needs a decentralized application from which to post, comment , vote etc.
Even if text only that would be extremely useful.
Websites are centralized entities and can't be relied on. is planning to introduce facebook/youtube style censorhip.
A truly decentralized social media can't come soon enough. Vessel could be it!


But chainBB doesn't currently have support for multiple accounts, are you planning on adding that?

I did read Netuoso mention about adding posting to Vessel, not sure if he's still planning to do so and how soon. Now that I am looking at Vessel, posting could be added as symbol after send on the menu bar. The view itself would have the basic posting stuff and all imported accounts to choose from. I don't think it would add complexity too much personally. I'm sure there's many people with the same issue and I don't know of any tool personally that could help with it currently.

E: What language is used for Vessel? Hell, I might even try to do it myself after I'm done with few tasks with my own stuff.


It doesn't currently, but is something I've been wanting to get added. I just opened an issue to keep it on my radar.

Yeah I suppose you're right about the UI - the send tab could be sending posts or value. It's an interesting idea :)

Vessel is all written in JS, uses reactjs + electron. If you want to contribute, we'd welcome the help!


Do you have Vessel as a project on Utopian? That way people could delegate SP that could be used to reward anyone contributing and you could put up tasks. It's a new feature.

Yes, putting them both under send would make more sense. Less clutter, less scary :)

I hope Netuoso does it, I'm still learning so he would be done while I would be scratching my head on how to get development setup.


It is on utopian, I was just talking with elear and his crew about accessing it (since it existed before I joined) and gained access to the Vessel project today.

I'm going to give utopian a shot to write "task requests" and write some posts of the features I'd like to see added to Vessel, and then encourage others to help build it. I figure I can only build things so fast, so if instead I take time to describe what needs to be built, maybe more will get involved and help the project move along faster :)


if you enable the new utopian delegation system you can now accept sponsors directly
I'd be glad to delegate all I can to this project


Forgot about that feature - just went ahead and activated it :)

Nice upgrade! You need to review the address of the exchanges that are listed in the wallet. The one for open ledger should be openledger-dex not openledger.


Hrm, when did that change?

I can definitely get that added though. It used to be openledger at one point, I did some testing back in July and that was the account it was using.


It was sometime after that but I don't remember when exactly.


I'll get this in the next release.


Jesta how do you do this? It' s amazing

I'm starting to use Vessel!

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Like the features...

Brilliant work! I wasn't even aware of its existence yet, though I had been praying to the "friends" up there for one of those to come out soon. The prayers were answered a hundred folds! Thanks lot for your dedication and hard work among us, much appreciated, as always.

Namaste :)

Great Job! Thanks

You have come a long way. I have been following for a while. Still have more learning to do but great move. Thanks.

The effort that they have put in is incredible, i personally liked the fact that witness voting has been imcluded! And many other additions too. It is a happy comment, Thankyou

Looking good! I have a question about a feature.

Is it possible to add a vote-following feature through Vessel? Functions similar to Streemian or SteemAuto that can be implemented in the wallet so that posting keys don’t need to be given to third parties and can be used by the average, non-script-writing user? Or is that not within the realm of possibility for any basic Steem wallet?


It is within the realm of possibility for sure. Just depends on how busy I get and the quality of tasks that crop up. Vessel will eventually be a full client (if I have any say over it)



It'd require a decent amount of changes for Vessel to work like Streemian or SteemAuto, but not impossible.

Right now Vessel is designed to just poll your account itself and a few other various things depending on which screen you're looking at. In order to make it do vote-following and reactive behavior, we'd now have to stream every operation in every block to analyze their content, to decide whether or not to perform an action.

That's a lot more data to process than Vessel currently handles. You'd also have to leave your computer unlocked, wallet unlocked (key unencrypted in memory), and be connected 24/7 in order for it to work.

With that being said - it's definitely possible. If it were added to Vessel, I'd like to see it as a plugin of sorts that users would have to enable and understand the impact of it. Maybe it'd fit nicely in the new "Advanced" section as something you could turn on and off.


@jesta that is the thing really as you said" I'd like to see it as a plugin of sorts that users would have to enable and understand the impact of it."

This is a really nice initiative.... This is going to foster enhanced security for the steem wallet. Kudos to you for a job well done


@gotgame you right it going to enhanced security of steem wallet

Awesome post @jesta and thanks so much for all of your extremely hard work and dedication to Steemit - YOU ROCK

Thanks for this @jesta - had absolutely no idea that it even existed and yet have been looking for a secure and also open source option like vessel so that I can start to "test the plumbing" of moving my earnings around. Up until now I have pretty much been lumping everything into steem power alone and i have no intention of powering down, but I have made the decision to start opting for the 50/50 option for a while so that... like you said, I can test the waters with smaller amounts - just so that I have peace of mind in the process moving forward.

Valuable info. Thank you 👌

Thanks for the article. Really helpful.

Is it possible to withdraw to Jaxx wallet?

Already using it... for some time. Looks and works perfectly.

I will be looking into more stuff towards witnesses... You Might be the only one that has a great tool to Broadcast Tons of witnesses. Not that many will matter... but it will make the blockchain of STEEM more attractive. And also because there will be more competition. Which is always good for decentralized networks!

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Awesome, thank you very much, I look forward to reading this again and seeing how it can help, when I get more time after work. Have a great day.

Nice post 👍 Thanks for sharing and and very useful information. Congratulations ✌ @jesta

I really like that delegation meter. Showing in steem makes it much easier then measuring in vests.. Gets a little confusing

thanks for the info ^.^

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Looking good! With that being said - good work! I look forward to interesting news.

can we transfer balance in to bank directly ..will you ask for comission??


Hah no sorry that would be up to you, why would he want to take on the liability of having bank transfers? You should be able to exchange your SBD/Steem to Bitcoin and then just use your coinbase or local Exchange to withdraw directly to your bank! But soon we will have exchanges do bank withdrawls and soon we will have some better options, steemit will purchase a payment processor or develop a better steem/SBD to fiat solution (I think anyone can do this themselves with an american express serv card in many countries allows fiat to fiat for free transfers between serv to serv cards. they work at any ATM. Decentralization will change things and make things much easier cheaper faster better


No, it just interacts with the Steem blockchain, no other blockchains and definitely not any banks :D

You'd have to use Vessel to send the Steem to an exchange, trade to BTC, then cash out the BTC wherever you're bank account is linked.

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This was going to be my next reading material so thank you for being so timely. Thank you for putting in the resources to make this happen and mostly thank you for creating an access to the mastery of self. I am Waiting for another.

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Updated to .9 a really strong and functional application version. @jesta is an excellent developer @netuoso has talent too.
If you have a witness vote use it for @jesta.

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Awesome piece of software jesta. I must say that i had previously not heard of this. But will consider using it in the future. Good luck with future development!

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Nice upgrade! you wish to review the address of the exchanges that ar listed within the billfold.

Great work, thanks for making this happen! I'm really interested in the custom_json tool.

vesel has any problem?

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Hey @jesta it's Just depends on how busy I get and the quality of tasks that crop up I appreciate your post 👌👍

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