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It's been a while since I've released an update to Vessel, and with the help of @netuoso, I'm happy to share the next beta release of Vessel. This newest release gives users the ability to create additional accounts and use the Encrypted Memo feature when transferring funds to Bittrex.

Beta: 0.0.7

Vessel is still beta software and it's recommended that you treat it as such. Before committing irreversible actions on your account (such as large outgoing transfers), please test with smaller amounts to ensure it's working properly on your computer.

Download available on github for macOS, Windows and Linux.

What is Vessel?

Vessel is a desktop wallet for the Steem blockchain, which you can download and use on your computer. Vessel is free to use and open source, and is designed to be a way to help secure your account on the Steem blockchain. While using Vessel, your keys/password never leave your computer, transactions are signed within the app, and then broadcast to the network much like any other downloadable cryptocurrency wallet.

Previous updates about Vessel:

What's new in 0.0.7

The two major features of this release are:

  • Account Creation: Create new accounts for yourself
  • Encrypted Memos: Use your Memo Key to encrypt the memo when transferring funds (Bittrex only currently).

A full changelog can be found at the bottom of this post.

Creating a New Account

Existing Steem accounts can now create new accounts using Vessel.

A new blue button exists on the upper-right corner of the Accounts section:

When clicked, it will present you with more information about creation an account. This window will show you how much Steem and how much Steem Power must be delegated for creation. Currently this is the only way Vessel supports creation accounts - the minimum amount of liquid STEEM and the maximum amount of delegation (which changes slowly over time).

Select the account you wish to use to create the account (that has the appropriate amount of funds) and then type the username of the new account.

In this example, I'm using the @aaron account and creating an account called testaccount1.

The blue button will light up, and once clicked, brings you to the final confirmation before the account is actually created, as shown below:

This final page will show you the Master Password along with the newly generated private keys for this account. Back all of this up, since only keeps a small portion of this data.

The green button at the bottom, "Confirm - Create Account" will submit the action to the blockchain and create the account.

If successful and you have enough funds to create the account, you will be returned to the Accounts page with the active key automatically imported (unencrypted) into your Vessel wallet. If you want to encrypt it in your Vessel wallet, simply delete the account and re-add it, using the private keys or master password you just wrote down, and specify the password to encrypt it with.

Encrypted Memo Support - Advanced User Feature

This feature isn't going to be for everyone except those with the urge for privacy.

Currently Bittrex supports a feature of the Steem blockchain called "Encrypted Memos", which lets you encrypt your memo deposit so that only Bittrex can read it.

Please make sure you know what you're doing and test this will small amounts first to ensure it works.

Each account on the Accounts page now has a new Memo column with a "Plus" button under it.

Clicking this button will bring up the Add a Memo Key field, already populated with the account name and the public memo key listed on the blockchain.

This page won't allow you to add a Memo key until it's validated to match that of the public key recorded on the account.

Once added, you'll be dropped back on the accounts page and a small green checkmark will appear on that account.

This signifies it's setup and you can now use the "Encrypt Memo" feature on the "Send" page.

Below the memo field, a new checkbox will appear for "Encrypt Memo?", only when sending to @bittrex and only when sending from an account which you've imported the memo key for. Take note of the c7fa... memo shown above.

When you click "Preview Transaction", you'll now notice the memo field has been encrypted, and no longer displays your regular deposit memo.

Bug Fixes + Misc

  • Added a warning when delegating nearly all of your SP (since you can't transact after that).
  • Added error messages for delegation when you have already delegated everything and can't undelegate.
  • Added a warning when attempting to send funds to @poloniex (since it never works).
  • Added the version number to the application title.
  • Fixed the casing for accounts while delegating SP.


c621d8f @netuoso     Generalize the account creation            
42bdbb0 @aaroncox   Moved account creation into the accounts tab directly  …            
93efe4b @aaroncox   Increased height of the default window          
f02ac87 @aaroncox   Changed password to be a private key prefixed with P            
2603721 @aaroncox   Reworked confirmation screen UI to fit a bit better         
faacdbe @aaroncox   More collapsing of elements         
b21bc86 @aaroncox   Removed logging         
65bd6f4 @aaroncox   Dynamic minimum delegations displayed           
1d9ef3f @aaroncox   Account creation processing events + lint           
7f5d92b @aaroncox   Added error handling + processing event handlers            
79fecab @aaroncox   Fixes #30, I believe            
9b3eacf @aaroncox   Removed "revokable" and now just date  …            
a250416 @aaroncox   Updated title to contain version number  …          
b1bfd58 @aaroncox   Bumped version numbers to 0.0.7         
7d4a7c1 @aaroncox   Initial support for encrypted memos  …          
300697e @aaroncox   reorder         
3fc22ae @aaroncox   Add a warning when undelegating fails  …            
9b60f7e @aaroncox   Add a warning when delegating nearly everything available  …            
31706f2 @aaroncox   Sanitizing the username input for delegation  …         
fb4868c @aaroncox   Moved the errors to display independently           
390271b @aaroncox   Added a warning to the memo key screen          
7a778f3 @aaroncox   Poloniex doesn't support encrypted memos            
7c5a00e @aaroncox   Added warnings for poloniex


Vessel has now seen over 1,000 downloads, thanks everyone for giving it a shot and providing feedback!

Also a special thanks goes out to @netuoso for building the account creation portion of Vessel. His efforts in getting it setup helped me focus a bit on the features I was working on to get a new release out to all of you. I've set him as a 50% beneficiary on this post (meaning he'll get half the reward) for his efforts.

Vessel is an open source project for the community, free to use, and built specifically to help secure your Steem account.


A GUI wallet is key for enabling non-technical users to have the ability to do things normally only available to more advanced users. Props to you for enabling advanced features to the casual user. I am a bit surprised this was not part of launch from the core developers.

Excellent job, Aaron! Thank you. These are some really great updates and may even get some investors interested in STEEM as the super performant, transaction-free, fantastic cryptocurrency it is, even if they aren't bloggers. Having a legit wallet is some great stuff.

This looks really cool and is actually the only GUI which provides such awesome features. Thanks! Upvoted!

Super tool, thank you so much

Wow...Never knew you could do that...Keep up the good work...

Awesome application, I have used it once and will try account creation feature. Keep up the good work guys!

You and @kevteh should add profile photos

I am a newbie. I dont know what I read. But I am sure your current post was totally useful for steemians.

For me, one of the best products you made.

The consistency and reliability for me are two of your best qualities. Keep those, please! It's valuable (for me too).

And yes, definitively continuing to promoting you.

Excellent work.

Great update @jesta! Some feedback...the Open Ledger deposit address needs to be changed to openledger-dex

Thank you very much, @jesta and @netuoso for this update. 100% Upvoted and resteemed.

  • Vessel is great. I hope that you continue developing it. I hope it becomes more stable and out of Beta soon.
  • I loved the new account creation option. I am going to try it soon.
  • Question: I am currently using v 0.0.6. Do I need to be careful about anything before using v 0.0.7 ?

There shouldn't be, it should just be a drop in replacement for 0.0.6. Just make sure you have your keys backed up, just in case something weird happens!

Restrained.... Now I think I need it. . .

You are wonderful @jesta

Interesting your posts. I love to read each and every post of yours. Sometimes I don't get time to read the full content but I make sure that whenever I am free I read the whole thing. Thanks for sharing... :)

I do not understand friends. What should I do??

You should not do anything, @sunbahri. You seem new to Vessel. So, Let me explain a little bit:

Every steem account has some tokens (Steem, SP and SBD). Most Steemians manage their Steem money online through Steemit. Steem did not have a desktop wallet where you can manage your money from your computer. So, @jesta developed a nice wallet: Vessel. So, if you download vessel, you can use it to manage your money without logging into

Moreover, Vessel gives you more control on your account. It allows you to do more things. For example, you can use it to delegate SP to any other account you like whereas you can not do that using

Yet, Vessel can not be used to post content or upvote them.

I hope this was useful.

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Excellent work @jesta! What about GBG and GOLOS?

Four months ago you answered my similar question: "Potentially, I don't think a fork would be too hard, at least for golos and other steem-based chains. BTS on the other hand would take more time and effort, since it's APIs are slightly different."

Is there enough time and effort for this now? ))

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God damn thats cool! love the open source mindset 👌amazing work @jesta

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Thanks for posting about this. I am new to Steem and was wondering if it had the same type of wallets as Bitcoin does. You did right by advising to start small with it being a beta. I still have more Steem power to acquire but grabbed it anyway. upvoted and resteemed. would appreciate the follow back. <3

Gotta try it and recommend it to others too!! :P

Awesome! Thanks for the update.

@jesta. I started using it recently and I have no regrets. This post, however, gave me a lot of pointers, and reduced the learning curve.

Nice! Very informative ! Thank you

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Verygood 👍

Great job! Looking forward to trying it out ;)

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encryption fully works with bittrex now?

It does for me, I've done multiple test transfers using encrypted memos from different accounts and they all showed up in my balance on Bittrex.

Thank you sharing

Beta software is the right way to prepare new data. In this case, we can create a Beta software. Thank you for sharing with us

Great work!

Nice post. God damn thats cool! love the open source mindset 👌amazing work @jesta

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I've been using Vessel for months and for me, it's the most polished tool on the Steem blockchain. The delegation feature is excellent, and now we have new account creation too.

Thanks @jesta and @netuoso

p.s. Resteemed to my 20 active followers!

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Hell yeah!! Wow! So many new features and upgrades!

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Yo, it's cool, I think one time I will need Vessel wallet for my Steem :P but I think it won't be beta anymore when I'll need it:D it's a good day, I'm here one month already! And I've been doing here pretty ok, hope your app will be great ;₽

the user name check in the account creation has issues with the case. It says user Jesta with upper case J is available.

Also the create account button disappears on windows after unlocking the wallet.

The same happend to me too. Somehow I managed after a few tries to scroll down, where I could see in red letters that I have not enough Vests, but I have 476.895, what should be enough. Have you been able to fix the problem?

Thank you for upvoting for my article

Didn't understand most of it, but I have much to learn, I'll stay updated.

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Good share

Excellent work! Vessel works really well and I'll continue to recommend it to others.

I really love reading your creativity. You are a smart man. All the best for you my friend. Regard from Indonesia.

This is the first time I read about Vessel. It sounds like a great desktop wallet with many useful and growing integrated features! Looking forward to more support for encrypted memos in the future, but it looks great and I'm excited to go check it out. Great work, thank you for all you do c:


Appreciating your èffort

Thanks man
I need your help, help me out cuz am a new user here @theojulius1996

Thanks for the update @jesta. Have used vessel in the past, will use again.

I like vessel standard

Good information

Nice posting

This app truly helps thank you @jesta for this information and tutorials on how to use Vessel app. Followed Upvoted and Resteemed this post too. ^_^

Great to see you are taking advantage of AppImage to distribute the Linux version. =)

There are definitely many more features I want to get going including a mobile app.

very interesting your hard work @ jesta and i will help you to convey to my friends about this ship ... success always for you friend

Superb work, as usual. Never had any issues with 0.0.6, this update looks much better. @netuoso is a beast, glad to see he cooperated on this project 😀

Great job! Thank you very much

thank you very much @jesta i am glad to get acquainted with you. Your post is very interesting.

Worth to try. Thanks for this info.

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Holy Smokes @jesta! WOW!
I gott try this out! Thank you for sharing!

Oh WOW very cool. I'll have to admit I had trouble understanding the whole steem wallet thing compared to other currencies. At times I still have issues, but I think this might help others coming over to steemit. Cheers to the hard work man! Upvoted and followed for sure! 👊

Nice update @ jesta

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