opbuilder - a tiny tool to help build & understand steem ops

in steemdev •  2 months ago

The past few days I've been working on a few new ways to interact with the Steem blockchain, and needed a tool that could create all of the various operations that users can perform. Here's the result, hopefully some other developers will find it useful:


The code is open source and available in the corresponding github repository:


You can:

  • Select an operation
  • Enter all of the parameters for that operation
  • View/use the operations from the JSON output
  • Use the Steem HTTP protocol links in your posts/projects
  • Use the SteemConnect links in your posts/projects

It still needs a lot more work before it's 100% accurate - but I'll be working on it and would invite anyone else who needs a tool like this to do the same.

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That is pretty helpful beyond any textual documentation or video tutorial. Seriously thanks for the great effort !


@mcfarhat, @jesta are so infoemative to growing our awarded it's so heart-full info


I see You are developing a lot in steem.

I want to get familiar with this technology as well. What do You recomend me to watch / read to start. I'm experienced programmer, but not in this field.


Check out jfollas' posts. He did a fantastic set of tutorials for using steemjs to interact with the blockchain.


I don't have a great answer - it's still the wild west in terms of development out here.

It's still a place where you've gotta ask questions and look at how other people have built things. So to that end, I'd recommend the following:

It's probably an interesting tool. I'm not a geek, so I haven't figured out how to use it. It would be interesting to explain it.

Waooh, what a good findings bro. I can now talk a little more on that now, because of your post,. Thanks for sharing

Powerful "crypto-tool making" for the modern human!

Thanks a lot for sharing @jesta, always appreciated on this end, namaste :)

Thank you for this. Very useful.

great tool, thanks!

Gold star man ⭐️ this is awesome 🤩

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Oh man, how I wish I've had this before! Thanks!

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Thank you for this. Very useful Technical support

Very good post I resteemsd

Amazing work! Thank you so much for this! We will use this.

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Uh oh, looks like the whole thing is down! The website doesn't seem to be working either.

I sent back your 2 SBD from the @powerbot account.

At this point I'm going to shutdown the bot, I haven't done much with it since it's initial launch and I haven't been able to solve some of the outstanding problems it's running up against. I'll leave the existing delegations (that were already paid for) running until the end of the year just so that the few of you that have delegations get your money's worth.

Thank you for the heads up and hopefully at some point in the future I'll get it back online!


That is very generous of you! Thank you. I have appreciated using that extra power...It has given me a boost! 💕


Thanks for participating in my wacky experiment :)


I'll be watching to see if you decide it makes sense to start using it again!


Wondering if you have any suggestions as to who I might easily rent some SP from? I appreciated how simple Powerbot was!

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