Hi @jesta

We recognize you as one of the primary leaders of Steem.

We see that Steemit would benefit greatly from a upgraded system for clarifying and preventing High-Stakes Abuse.

We bring to you an idea, a solution; Introducing the Steem RewardPool Protection Guild.

The idea is relatively simple. Everyone who joins the Guild gives 1 vote each day (automatically distributed) towards flagging the most prevalent abusers on Steem. By joining the RewardPool Protection Guild you obtain a weighted vote (proportionate to your steem power) that gives you a direct voice in what EXACTLY steemit abuse is, and which steemit abusers we will target first.

Please explore more details in our posting;

Let us know if you have any questions! We would love to collaborate with you in making Steem even better!

He's devoted so much of his time into tweaking and creating more seamless tools to make this platform more better.

Kudos to him. He has the passion of contributing positively to humanity.

my last post contains a free gift Happy New year everyone!