Another Solution to Dissuade Steemit Abuse/Reward Pool Destruction. The Steemian RewardPool Protection Guild.

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Steem reward pool abuse has become one of the most important topics within the Steem Ecosphere. There is a great deal of fighting within the Steem community regarding steemit abuse, without any apparent and readily-activatable solutions within sight.

The single biggest part of this problem seems to be a lack of cohesive unity and awareness on what EXACTLY Steemit abuse is.

The second biggest part of this issue seems to be a lack of organized downvoting power to ENFORCE what the Steemian community has deemed as ABUSE.

We can move through these obstacles by coming together to create the Steemian RewardPool Protection Guild(or whatever else we would like to call this idea).

The idea is relatively simple. Everyone who joins the Guild gives a few automatically distributed vote each week ( as decided by the guild ) towards flagging the most prevalent abusers on Steem. By joining the RewardPool Protection Guild you obtain a weighted vote (proportionate to your steem power) that gives you a direct voice in what EXACTLY steemit abuse is, and which steemit abusers we will target first.

Here in the #Earthnation.
We believe it should be an infraction of the Steem Rules for anyone over 500SP to constantly (and only) upvote one's own content, or to only upvote a select few author's posts. We think dolphins and whales should make a point of finding new authors and posts to support on a semi-regular basis.

We also believe the purchase of upvote bots should be limited to 44 SBD worth of bids per post, with no more than 3 posts a week being upvoted past 11 SBD bid upvote. This allows new authors the chance to be seen in trending/hot while also limiting the ability for authors to have more publicity than they deserve.

We believe comment upvotes should be highly regulated. Those that consistently upvote filler comments or those that upvote comments to ridiculous values ( past 50$ ) should be regulated.

Regardless of whether you agree with our beliefs on this matter, we invite you to join us in discussing what Steemit Abuse is to you. Together, we can find common grounds that we all recognize as abuse, and TOGETHER we can STOP IT.

We have designed a guild upvote/downvote software system we made for our Earth Nation Steemit Guild. We would happily repurpose a new instance of this system to facilitate the Steemian RewardPool Protection Guild.

Furthermore, we offer to Steem our knowledge of weighted voting systems and direct/representative democracy. We would happily facilitate discussion on what the exact parameters of Steem Abuse are. Then all of the members of the Steemian RewardPool Protection Guild can vote and (hopefully) reach a 80%+ majority consensus on the exact rules we wish to enforce together.

Click here to indicate your interest to further discuss the development of this solution.

For those that do not know, the #Earthnation is a planetary alliance dedicated to the creation and expansion of decentralized autonomous organizations across the planet as a more efficent and effective replacement to the current centralized governance and resource distribution systems that run the planet currently.

This Steemian RewardPool Protection Guild concept is one example of a decentralized autonomous organization.

If enough people indicate interest through liking/commenting/resteeming and filling out the above form, we will create a digital instance of our DAO tools to begin the discussion and voting processes for this new Steem Guild.

We are here to serve you, and all of Steem, in creating and upholding a Steem Culture that honors, protects and supports all Steemians.

We believe in Steem; as the future of Social Media, and as a means to provide a creative basic income to humanity. We invite you to participate in making this belief a reality.


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A great step in the right direction @Transisto. We support the solution you have proposed.

Hey @earthnation , I’m not so sure about these ideas. There are a lot of different groups trying to enforce things at the moment, and these groups are fighting each other. For me this mentality of force doens’t really feel right.

If you look at the different groups that are battling each other, you can see that many of them have the same idea as you do. They are all groups that are trying to enforce their own vision of justice. Of course, there is no consensus between them about what exactly is just, and they keep fighting.

The solution that I see does lie in an organized effort, but more in making things transparent. Currently, the system is transparent, but only those that are mathematicians can understand it, really.

I feel that every day a list should be published, call it a top 100, of those who make the most. That list could say how much they make on a weekly basis, give a rating for content value, and mark if they have bots or self voting. In that way, the current dynamics would become more transparent for everyone. You could even give everyone a score based on these things, to see who are the biggest givers and who are the biggest takers. (Post a new list every day but decline payout)

I really feel that trying to enforce something through a group is a way of the old; the solution lies in transparency for everyone.

Love and Light,



We perceive the core root of the fighting to be the lack of consensus in the Steem Community on what abuse is. Without more structure to the culture of Steem, this level of fighting will continue to occur because of the nature of anarchy.

Decentralized autonomous organizations use the best elements of the anarchist culture, along with the best elements of democratic culture, and tribal council culture.

By truly listening to one another we will find the common grounds on which we all agree. From that place we can create change. Otherwise; we will most likely continue to see what most often happens in anarchy, there will be a constant struggle for dominance and control.

We believe this platform will flourish to a much higher degree if the minnows are more supported. The culture of endless self-upvoting does not benefit this platform nearly so much as one that encourages those with significant steem power to regularily find and curate good content.


Hi again @Earthnation, I fully support the vision you see of a more organized platform. I also think that through dialog consensus will be found, and more fairness will come. I completely agree that the self-voting is not helping to equally spread the funds.

I see that the path to this consensus lies in more transparency. When people can clearly see reasons to act differently, to find a different structure, they are more motivated and more willing to do so.

To give you an example, many people currently vote on posts from people that make profit from accusing others of stealing. It is not clear to them what is really happening.

I don’t have the resources and technical knowledge to make a daily list of income and added value from different users myself, but I offer it as an idea that could be implemented by others. Preferably, this would be a group of experienced users that have the right technical knowledge and the reputation.


We love the solution you have offered @verbaldancing. Transparency and communication are the pillars of healthy community.

Much appreciation for your skill in dialogue. You write as if you had NLP training.


Thanks @Earthnation!

I didn’t have such training but have dived deeply into my discovery process called Verbal Dancing

More such posts are in the making


We'd like to emphasis that rather then "dishing out our version of justice" as you put it @verbaldancing, We are discussing the creation of a space to discover what the population and the leaders of Steem think Steem Justice is.

(Commenting after reading all comments)
about the bot. the bot can't recognize if contest has a value. Only human can understand the contest and check it. Let's the bot only make upvote only authorized by the human, but we have a problem, who will check all this stuff?


Manual curation is the way to go! Bots can help, but humans should overlook all upvoted content ( we think ).

i like your writing content.

informative writing thanks

I don't know enough about how this all works. I need to understand more about voting weight and so on.....

(Commenting before reading any comments)
So from how solutions is sugested it makes me question if the aim of New Earth Nation truly is decentralised and anarchist. As I see the use of a guild with the intent of creating and enforcing rules that the guild alone agrees upon as a form of centalisation of rule/law enforcement(policing?).
Even though there may be a comflict as of now, the best anarchist way of solving this is to look at what effect is not wanted overall, and what can reduce or remove motivation of that being done. And from how I see it the only way that can be done is to limit the max steem power up you can buy to get. Meaning that I.E you can max get 100 steem power from buying steem and powering up, the rest you need to earn from posting and participating. Also i dont understand why upvote bots is allowed to be used. As i thought that this platform made sure that the account created was a human and not a bot, to prevent bot accounts. But it looks like im mistaken on that.


The idea @jostein is that we would invite all steemians to participate in this guild, so their voice can be heard and their opinions recognized. Then after gathering and compiling the general opinions of the steem community, we can focus in on the area where the vast majority of people agree.

We can then collectivley enforce as an overall community the forms of abuse we all generally agree to be abuse.

Part of the game with Steem is that it is an appealing playground/business place for those with significant funds. The high value of Steem is due almost entirely to people with a lot of currency choosing to buy vast amounts of Steem.

We think the bots should have a human curation/whitelisting element. That would help solve a lot of the "bot upvote abuse". Also limitations should be placed on ones ability to purchase upvotes.

Better idea ,i support you

I became a Dolphin and powered up only for @haejin posts to attract more visibility. Now I'm powering down because of abuse. So, I'm out of your war game.


No war games here @scorer. We'd like to see everyone getting along in a good way.