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RE: Coming back stronger (without the Petro)

I was reading your post, thinking that´s America, that´s America, that´s ...oops, that´s Venezuela!!
Sorry about the break in. I´m living in Brazil, where inflation may be under control, but one still has to be paranoid about personal safety at home or on the street.

Can I follow you ? (Is that the right term here, or is that just Facebook speak? I´m interested in crypto currencies, though I´ve not yet invested, and I´m interested to hear a Venezuelans point of view about the crisis your country faces. I have no doubt part of the blame lies with North American interference in your countires politics and in your economy, though I also suspect that Maduro does not have any of the charisma or the political talent that Chaves had, and Chaves was already controversial.

Be safe and good luck !
Al (A Brit living in Brazil)

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