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RE: Venezuelan Freelancers Are Using Bitcoin to Survive the Economic Crisis

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Hi, yes i'm the writer of the article, I still don't understand how steemit really works, how is the content monetized? and how are writer rewarded?
You can always shoot me a question or two about the Venezuelan situation via telegram at


For a little FAQ that will shed the light on that and maybe a couple more questions you have check out Welcome To Steem! - Introduce Yourself.

Yes, very good article, the next one you have like that post on here and as a new member your content will be supported, but also because it is original and well written.

Before you post, if you're unfamiliar with Markdown, read this article before you post Format Your Article And Gain Steem Power!

Thanks for the telegram address. I'll shoot you a question or two, when I think of one.

Also do a little #introduceyourself post. Make it nice, use your style and a couple of pictures and you should get some good money from that! :-)

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