Economic Crisis - Venezuela Hunger and poverty.

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Hello, how are you all? Well, I would like to tell you about who I am, where I live and in what state my situation is, that of the city where I am from, and that of Venezuela. I publish the publication in English so that the international community knows what we are going through here.


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My name is Marta Sabrina Valles, I am 19 years old and I am a single mother.

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My daughter, is called Grecia Valles, and she is barely one year old, together we have looked for possible ways to keep us, at this moment I only leave greece with my mother, and I start walking the shops and shopping centers of the city looking for employment, but those that are available only give a treatment of work that is not worth it for a person to be able to stay economically.

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We are from Venezuela, to be a little more specific, we are from Sucre State - Cumana City.

Sucre - Cumana, It is a very beautiful city with beautiful cultural sites, very beautiful landscapes and beautiful beaches, with a lot of tourism but little attention, what do I mean with the latest? Well, as you will see in the images, it is beautiful but it is not cared for by those who govern the city or state.


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In the first image, they see how beautiful it can be seen from above, but now see the streets and places what is seen by any person who knows the state.

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With the garbage thrown by the streets, the electrical problems of the country, the lack of food, the bad way of governing of the revolutionaries, and the lack of medicines and medical products in the hospitals, the situation in Venezuela gets worse day by day and the number of deaths advance even by hours.

The number of diseases and patients increases rapidly, Many people without homes and even without food to live.

Here in Venezuela, I was working in food stores and products, which are owned by Arabs and Turks.

In Venezuela, the most viewed businesses are Arabs, Turks or Chinese and their way of working is treating their workers as employees and as an effort for little money that they pay.

I will explain how a salary would be in Venezuela.

The main currency of Venezuela is the Bolivar Soverano, and the amount of monthly money that a Venezuelan must earn in his work is established by the government.

Established the amount, a Venezuelan must earn 18,000 Bolivares Soberanos Bs Monthly, so they would be 9,000 sovereign Bolivares every 15 days.

The current value of the $ dollar, is 5,000 sovereign Bolivars, and by this I mean that the monthly salary of a Venezuelan is based between 3.5 or $ 4 monthly. Where maybe in another country since I do not know, that's just a simple hour of work.

For people who know the world of cryptocurrencies, a Bitcoin Dollar is worth 4500 sovereign Bolivares, and those who work with currencies such as Steem and Steem Dollars, have a value of
4500 Steem Dollar
2000 Steem.


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My only job at the moment is to publish in steemit, and I thank the people who have given me their support with my art in steemit publications. With the current problems of the country, any help is good and very appreciated by the Venezuelans.

Because I do not have a job I have looked for some financial support but things are very difficult for anyone to help someone, and for the record I do this post in order not only to receive help but for you to give Account that the situation in Venezuela is not easy and is not very beautiful as they do see the media.

I ask for support from those people who may be willing to help, and I want to continue to demonstrate my art to you in the Steemit community.

I hope you can read the publication because it is a bit long, but I hope that you realize how many people suffer and how is the daily life of Venezuelans, Thank you very much.


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I ask for those who can understand Spanish, or can translate it, please see this video and you tell me what you think about it, Thank you very much.


I know about the problems in your country and i think its brave that you try the best for you and greece. That is what a true steemitmama does.
We have adviced you before over your art. Show us more off that , the proces and your materials. Untill now you did not. That really would make the simple difference. Obvious this is a long road and not quick money. I wish you and your country well.

Thank you very much for the support, we are all Venezuelans anxious for a change, we know that soon come times of change, there is still a way, we just have strength and faith. We will come forward.

I concur with @brittandjosie and would be grateful if you did not contact me by DM.

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Thank you for sharing information about your country! It must be hard living in a country that is sanctioned, boycotted and sabotaged; I've followed these procedures in countries like Ukraine and Egypt; it puts a toll on people, it's unfair, and usually it's imperialistic. It also must be quite a challenge to govern a country under these circumstances.

btw.: A journalistic tip: If mentioning how much you earn a month, it would be interesting to compare this to what you pay for housing, health and food...

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Sorry to hear about your situation, I really hope that steemit will help you out, that the steem will go up in price too. I give you my full upvote and resteem, though unfortunately it is not worth much at the moment, but maybe soon it will be worth lots more! Good luck with everything! it must be hard, but you will get through it!

Could you provide a photo showing the date so one can be sure you're not a shill of the usurper, Juan Guaido, please?

I am curious. What are the prices in stores in Sovereign bolivars? Let's say one piece of bread or 2.5l of water?

I've seen pictures with Bolivares just thrown on the street like a piece of trash. So from what I gather, you can literally find money on the streets but can't buy anything with it. Of course, I don't know how legit those pictures are.

Maybe so do not understand that everything is high price here I will explain how best I can do it.

The value of the dollar as seen in the image is about 5000 sovereigns. and in Venezuela earns 18,000 monthly sovereigns which means this? that we Venezuelans earn 3.86 dollars per month, every 30 days.

As the SBD is almost based on 1 dollar is in 5000 sovereigns
and STEEM since it is based on half a dollar or less in 1700 sovereigns.

A Bread costs you about a dollar, so in order to eat well you must buy several loaves of bread, or even cheese, butter, at least 10 to 15 dollars is spent. The basic basket of food in Venezuela exceeds $ 100