Success Lives Well by Your Side, Just knock on the Door and it Will Welcome You With Pleasure and Kindness! Part #1

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Hi my friends! How are you all!

Today I am writing this post more directed to the Hispanic community existing in steem / steemit. However he is also a guide for all who are here in this blog that has had an incredible attitude. People who contribute meaningful comments and who understand the true spirit of what we have been building for some months.

But today I want to be very direct in my language on investment for all of you, but very focused in the countries of Latin America that have financial difficulties in their countries ...

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I traveled through many countries and I knew what was best in all of them but I also wanted to see the worst side of them.

This is not news to me because as many of you know I started my journey with very little financial resources but with a lot of desire to win and have a better life.

I know that in many countries the situation is difficult because of their governments, economic problems stemming from governmental mismanagement or any other reason.

I grew up as an entrepreneur in a country that despite having enormous potential I remember few times the news that we were not in crisis, but this crisis always the result of corruption and iso is nothing new to anyone in the world.

Being an entrepreneur in my country requires a lot of effort because Brazil is considered one of the most hostile countries to do business. I want to say that we are a country with a lot of bureaucracy, too high taxes and an annual interest rate that is a scandal compared to other countries in the world.

Although we have a low inflation, the interest rate last year reached 400% per year for credit cards and more than 200% per year for loans to some companies that need capital to grow.

I did not miss the numbers I gave 400% per year if you are in debt with your credit card and for some reason could not pay your minimum balance.

What I mean as an entrepreneur is that during my journey I had to reinvent myself every 3 years because it is impossible for you to draw a long term business plan in a country that has always been a financial roller coaster.

So when we build something in a country so we have to move very fast and with a vision of the future a little different from who builds a business in stable countries mainly in what concerns the interest rate.

Many people in Latin America have not yet seen how to free themselves financially but believe what I am saying! The solution is well below everyone's nose. So look in the mirror and figure out what that would be.

But I'll tell you.

We are starting a new era, the blockchain era !!!

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This is the way out for you who are suffocated by the financial system of countries with these economic complications. and this is a path with no return to the world and in a very short time the regulations will come giving investors confidence and a world of money is currently being invested in cryptos.

You can believe what I'm going to say to all of you: We are the minority that is already on this boat, a small part of the world population that has seen it.

But here is the point of the question. It is no use seeing you and not taking action and acting. You should make the extra effort and this is the best time for this.

I will be very clear in my words but it is not possible to fight with reality.

I'll be specific about steem.

If you believe in it, then please begin to understand that platforms like steemit are not charitable foundations and I am seeing many people from latin America and Asia just wanting the platform all to them.

But what are you giving the platform?

Do you know what steem needs to grow? From people who have a mindset programmed to understand how this works.

We already have many excellent developers, and I have a lot of respect for them all because every day they give the best of them to make it all work and improve every day.

So what's left for you to grow if you really trust steem growth?

There is one thing I have learned since I was very young in the business world.

Either you applaud the others, or you are applauded.

You choose.

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What I want to say has nothing to do with egocentricity, envy, frustration that is common in people of small brain.

I have never done anything in my life to compete with others. My competition has always been with me.

I also never did business in my life that somehow I could not share with anyone.

I was not born into a rich family in relation to money but I was lucky enough to be born into a rich family to give me an education where my parents taught me the most important foundations of life that would provide me with financial wealth in the future. They taught me what is respect, humanity, generosity, honesty, maintaining honor and character.

But they also taught me that in order to help others first we have to help ourselves.

Because for those who have been with me for some time, I know what I have been saying many times.

Money does not corrupt anyone, it only enhances who you've always been.

So if you are generous when poor you will also be generous when rich. It does not change in you because it was your foundation.

And if you're a poor leech, you'll still be a rich leech, and I really pull away from people like that when I realize the first sign that that person is like that.

In the class of leeches are the envious, egocentric, exploiters in the bad sense of the word.

For example: Sometimes I am attacked by using the Bots and there are people even though they leave comments that this is not clear to those who follow me. If it's not clear then it's clear I use the bots as well and there are people who like and those who are against bots, but I'm not going to stay here discussing this. The fact is that bots exist and are there to use.

But what these envious people do not know is that all the profits I can make on the bots I donate 100% of the profit I get from them to many people at steemit and I will not be talking here to whom I make donations because it would be ridiculous my part in the same way that it is ridiculous people criticize others publicly without knowing who they are and how they have built their lives.

People like this to me are cockroaches that bring nothing positive to them and to others.

I have also realized that our community voting for each other is not paying attention to who is voting. Please do not waste your vote with people who come to this blog to plant the seed of envy of evil! Please ignore these people because the world is already full of people who want to see us defeated.

So if the person is defeated, leave it with your own defeat. Do not try to change the heads of defeated, frustrated, envious people.

I would say that we chose the tribe we want to be a part of.

My father who has already left this world told me: Walk with drunks and you will be one of them.

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What I am saying here is the truth that you can see for yourself if you pay attention.

People like that do not invest anything in the steem, not even a penny, but they waste their time talking badly about who is growing up and these are the real thieves of their dreams.

Visit their profiles and see what they post, see their wallet. If you see a lot of money then they are hypocrites, and if you do not see a wealthy wallet then she is a frustrated one who believes that you are her problem. So in this case you two choices. Follow their path or ignore them. I will always respect anyone's decision. This is called free will.

I invested more than 100k steems in a month!

There are people who will say: Ah, it is easy for you to talk because you have money. My answer to these people is: No friend, I have money because I have always said so since I was poor. The attitude is always ahead of the money.

But do not waste your time on this, defeated always have a thousand excuses to discharge your frustrations on others and excuses to do nothing for themselves. I recommend that they buy many mirrors and spread them around their homes.

We are in the cryptocurrency market, we can not be hypocrites. Imagine you tell an investor in the stock market that he can not profit more than $$$ with a specific stock. LOL, that would be a joke and of course it does not exist.

The difference between me and a person like that is that I applaud who grows up and not envy.

I do not stare and envy the neighbor's beautiful lawn. Go learn how to have a lawn as beautiful as his if you want but do not throw acid in the neighbor's grass because you are playing acid on yourself.

We can not be hypocrites, everyone here is betting on steem to make money and make their fortunes in the future.

You must admire those who grow up and not envy, pay attention to the thieves of dreams.

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I promise I'll write the second part and maybe the third of this series with the intention of being a textbook guide for you to grow, but as I've said many times, I'm not the owner of the truth you might want to do otherwise. There are 7 billion people in the world to inspire you. LOL

I write a lot about motivation but I want to say for the whole Hispanic community, especially for Venezuela and people from other countries who are in economic crisis right now.

Be different from others now and make the extra effort and buy it now! Do not sit there waiting for the steem to reach 10 US dollars.

The crisis has always existed, but it exists for those who do not know if to position because the money is spinning. For you to get out of the crisis you have to position yourself correctly where money is turning.

Go to that direction, the decision is yours, invest in your dreams.

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No matter how many steems you can buy. Imagine if 1000 people on this platform bought only 10 steems a day on that platform! There would be 10k steems daily entering the platform, 300k in 1 month and this has a huge positive impact.

If you pretend to invest in the platform, the platform pretends that you pay, do not invest anything, the platform does not pay you and you become a beggar of votes. Invest and be a donor of votes.

Invest in the platform, work hard and it will pay you I assure you.

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Be respectful and generous always! But move because it's no use just sitting by the window. I have always said that I will be honest with my words to you and I am speaking it from the heart and however much it may for some be misinterpreted, I do not care. Do you know why?

Because my soul is clean and I am speaking with the heart so that you grow and who thinks the contrary I leave here my lament for them because these people that I call dream thieves are those that measure us by its own ruler.

I prefer to be at peace with my soul and ignore the ignorance of those who have this kind of conduct.

Success lives well by your side, just knock on the door and it will welcome you with pleasure and kindness!

The choice is yours and you have free will to do and be what you want!




Important Note!

I have been working very hard on this blog since the beginning. I have a very busy life but I am giving my best and believe me I have shared experiences that I have been coaching thousands of people and I know that the change of the Mindset should be daily. I am already grateful to see you giving upvotes to each other and you can see this with the fact that many already have 8, 9, 10 upvotes. But I'm sure that with the effort of all of us we will see a community with, 40, 50 upvotes and for that everyone should get engaged so we can make it come true. I believe and we can! Resteem...

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You will receive my upvote in all material and brief comments I will do this in all the posts I am following very closely and I can see what the people who are generous and contribute to this legacy that I am trying to build with all of you can become reality in a short time.


First of all, I would like to thank all of you, who are the most active and proactive in this community, showing your generosity and always with meaningful comments. From now on I will always make a list of these incredible people who have helped to expand our goal of growing ever more.

But I ask that if you are new around here you read many of the previous posts because they make it clear that we are building a community with respect among all, generosity and this blog is for those who really want to start moving their Mindset to positive and moreover be part of the growth of all of us who contribute to this blog. Please do not ask to include you in the list if you are just wanting upvotes because we want here people genuinely attuned to growth and good attitudes and as I have always said with Respect as the basis of all, generosity and positivity!


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Thanks All of You!!!!


Very inspiring thank you @chbartist. 🙌

Magic Dice has rewarded your post with a 72% upvote. Thanks for playing Magic Dice.

I apologize and I have nothing against magicdice, but it's not a bot, it's a game and I'd love to talk to the owner of @magicdice in particular. I beg you to come in and contact me at discord. I know that bots can also make you lose money but if you know how to use the bots you can win even a little bit. But magicdice is not something I can clearly analyze as a bot. Regards

mineria dash segura en la nube, entra reclama y salte

My dear @chbartist I can observe that by writing this post you were inspired and, in relation to it, I will tell you the following:
I do not know why strange reason I thought you were Venezuelan, I see that is not so you mentioned that you are from Brazil.
In life, whether on a personal or professional level, we will always have destroyers or supporters. So, one must do things according to one's tastes and criteria. Of course the ideal is to be honest with others and with ourselves and as far as possible try not to hurt anyone.
In relation to steemit, I believe as you well say, that if there are bot these should be used. I say this because I have seen some people criticize the use of bot and say that the votes they produce are not natural. Now, from my point of view steemit is a business and I respect the opinion of those who just want to give it a romantic value and if they don't want to use bot then that's where they are. The idea is to respect everyone's work on this wonderful platform.
On the other hand, I want to thank you for all those wonderful posts that you present us with which you leave us a message and apart from that you benefit us with your votes and try to make a great community.
From here my fraternal greetings and a big hug.

My dear @yahe, I can only thank you for your kind words that you usually write in this way, showing you what an incredible and intelligent person you are! In To let you know I live part of the year in Brazil and the other in the USA, but now I'm more in Brazil because of my achievements related to my artistic career and my professional life as a speaker as well. But although I wrote the post directed to Latin America and countries in difficulties, within my soul, thoughts and within me everything could be very simple if people only understood a simple thing. People are people, and that is enough for me to understand and be able to respect all cultures. I'm just doing my best here even though I'm having a busy life. Greetings my dear! You are an example to follow!

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Hello @chbartist!

There are so many things we could say about how to grow with our own merit and effort, but not to extend this comment, I will tell you that of all the publications you have written, this is the most special and interesting that I have read. on this platform

So far, this is the publication that I liked the most on the platform, because I have not seen here many times that some key points are developed on how to grow taking advantage of the most successful people and, above all, the concept of investment in the platform . And the idea or philosophy that by doing this, the platform will pay us.

I also read some spam comments in this forum, but I did not even want to answer them because it would put me in trouble if any of them would give me a flag for foolishness that could be avoided. It is better to be smart and ignore them. Especially if one does not have tools to defend themselves on this platform. At least you could defend yourself by giving a flag to those comments because you already have a strong vote.

But for now we have to act very cautiously and avoid going into battles that are not worth it. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experiences with us on this platform!

By the way, I am from Venezuela and I understand very well how it is to live and coexist with a crisis. Here we are waiting for what may happen in the coming weeks, but I, for my part, take care of working on my things with much desire and desire to achieve them, even if there are days that seem very dark to me.

Hi @juanmanuellopez1 , you are another example to follow on this platform. You contribute a lot to this community that we built here on this blog. On flags, do not worry about it, you're sure to read the post. Do not burn your votes with flags with negative people because they do not contribute anything to your life, instead they lead you to the depths and everyone around their and do not perceive this trap. Be on the side of positive people like you. You're spending money with flags for nothing. Ignore it like I do. Regards

Hello, @chbartist . Thank you very much. You bring up very loud and important topics. Your posts are very informative and interesting. I dissolve in your topics.
It's cool, you can see that you put your soul into your posts.

I recently visited Steemit and I can say for sure that this is a wonderful community that helps people find like-minded people, find support. This community is like a big family.
I did not know about its existence until I was advised by one good friend.
I like the fact that this community gives you the opportunity to realize yourself and feel needed. I haven't had such inspiration for a long time.

There is war in my country. I live in Ukraine. And my city is close to the hostilities. I remember when it all started, people lost their homes, work, business. People began to flee to other countries and cities. And you know what? For the first time I became scared for my future. What to do next?
I had a terrible depression.

I did not leave, I had a feeling that the meaning of my life was close. You say that you need to invest in order to get a result. If I understand correctly. And, having assembled a team of 5 people, we opened the Art Center. We had the idea to treat people with art. This is for all kids and adults. Autistic, disabled, from military zones. Or those who just love to draw and create. In the beginning we gave more than we received. But over time, it brought its results.

Thank you for your words, support. Your blog is a great motivator.

Now I have two happiness in life.
1.This is Art Center.
2.This is Steemit


Oh my dear @curly-xu, I have to thank you for your kind and intelligent comment. Thank you very much for your words. I am a very informed person and I know what happens in your country too and I wish things would improve and change for the better for all of you. Receive my thanks with my soul and heart! Regards! @chbartist

Hello dear friend, I have been a little away from the platform because in the area that I live we have had many inconveniences with telecommunications (telephone and internet). I'm catching up on your publications that I always enjoy reading. And with this I feel very identified. Everything you mention here is real, I have read many comments that have been made to make you look bad, but those who really have us time following you must be clear that you are a person worthy to follow, your messages are positive and encouraging ... I do not see the problem in which you use robots ... perhaps others do not? There are many whales that do it, so why the attack with you ... you just have to ignore them. When you know who you are, that does not matter !!! I can particularly say that you are a noble person and that you really like to help others. You do not use those robots to benefit only you, and that's what matters, unlike others who only think about them.

With respect to my Venezuela ... steemit is a great help, since the money does not reach because of the great inflation that suffocates us, therefore we must dedicate ourselves to publish and comment, always work in spite of the adversities, these days are crucial As for politics, so we do not know what may happen, we hope that everything goes well and we can have a country totally free.

I know friend! But You are not alone! 98% of countries are with all of you! And for me! Peoples are peoples! Respect, humanity and generous is the foundation of this blog! Everything will be right! Regards

Oportunamente tu mensaje a llegado a nosotros. Justamente sobre este tema estaba comentando con unos amigos steemianos anoche. Pero primero déjeme presentarme, soy Erangel Rivas, un venezolano, y usted, a quien puedo considerar como un autentico emprendedor, señor @chbartist, reciba mi felicitación, quien justamente a mostrado en su ensayo con detalles que una persona puede mostrarse al mundo con la autenticidad que le identifica, es lógico que aquí seguramente muchos no han sabido mucho sobre como redactar con una gramática ejemplar un tema, otros por temor, como he observado también publican temas sencillos sin mucho esfuerzo (y hasta sin embargo obtienen votos y comentarios) Por mi parte mi estilo y mis tendencias son únicos, y también invito a todos que si tienen un potencial grande para expresarse no teman a solamente "improvisar" o hacer lo que hace el resto para solamente agradar a un público. Pero igualmente nos mostramos como somos, con nuestra preparación y aspiraciones. Yo soy nuevo en Steemit, pero a la vez estoy aprendiendo mas sobre como publicar información y estoy cada vez mas motivado y consciente de que esto no es fácil, y mas que por ganar dinero solo espero hacer lo que me place con el mayor esfuerzo para aquellos que sepan valorar lo que hago. No creo en formulas, solo en ser yo, y yo timoneo este barco haciéndolo cada vez mas especial y dedicado a aquellos que como yo se expresan con su singularidad y estilo propio. Paz y continúen luchando por sus sueños!


Hello friend @chbartist, here I am reading your article, your post, in short I currently read the articles of @nothus and always starts by mentioning you, as your mentor in the platform and tells the reader to be a walk through his blog, that's why I'm here, now I see that this is an excellent article that I just read, because everyone when something starts always want to reach the end and have the greatest success, of course this is that everything has its price and you have to sacrifice yourself in life to achieve your goals, always with your head held high and the faith that everything will turn out well, we are currently going through a difficult situation here in Venezuela, which is my native country, but surely we will soon get out of this nightmare, here is a faithful follower and reader of his articles, God bless you, from @ jorge090202 from Venezuela.

You have a good reason to belive that success lives besides us and we just need to be at its doorstep.
What about them who already got succeed by getting born in a successful family and will not go to knock a door to check whether its happiness or sorrow behind that door.
What they did to get that success? How many doors they knock to knock down the frustration?

I am not the one whose life being unfair with him but i am the one who is thinking why shouldn't life be fair all of sudden.

Amigo, entiendo lo que quieres decir pero hay que empezar a practicar y esforzarse. Cuanto más personas de Venezuela y otros países en dificultad que tenemos aquí les enseñar a ganar dinero y acumular estos steems porque es para eso que todos están aquí. Pero tiene que comprar steems. Saludos

Gracias amigo tiene toda la razón, de hecho yo me encontraba en 100 steems y gran parte de lo poquito que tengo es, que yo he invertido, osea he comprado, por que yo creo en la plataforma y se que algún día va a volver a levantarse como en los niveles de diciembre 2017 que llego a un tope de 8.13 dolares, saludos amigo y gracias nuevamente por su apoyo y por su consejo.

Hello friend, a great greeting to you and all your readers. I often follow your post, I find them excellent. I am 100% in agreement with your statement, "I have never done anything in my life to compete with others. My competition has always been with me. "
I do not live to be applauded by others, my greatest satisfaction is knowing that I am doing the right thing to obtain a better way of life for my family and my person. The world has all the resources to guarantee a happy existence materially and spiritually. Reaching our happiness does not mean that others should lose it or can not get it.
At present, many of us in Latin America have to reinvent ourselves. If we are older is a more complicated process, we must adapt to a world of innovations. The blockchanin is a clear example. Although I still do not understand much about this world, for example from the bost, it seems great that you can share with others your excellent results, either with what you publish continuously or in the material way.
Our world must be built on values, as you rightly point out, what we do with our left hand does not have it because we know the right hand. A happy day for you and your followers.

We're together my friend. The more people in Latin America are in this blog I want them to learn how to multiply the steems they buy. Regards

A big hug for you.

La vida a veces nos lo pone difícil. Todos tenemos momentos en los que nuestras fuerzas flaquean, sentimos que no podemos más, que la única opción que tenemos es abandonar y conformarnos con seguir donde estamos pero No nacimos siendo un ganador, No nacimos siendo un perdedor, nacimos pudiendo elegir. Nuestro mayor talento es mucho más poderoso que tu mayor miedo y Las puertas siempre se abrirán para aquellos valientes que se atrevan a llamar. Soy de Venezuela y acá como todos sabemos las cosas no marchan bien pero los caminos difíciles solos los fuertes y guerreros los caminamos. Me gustó mucho tu post amigo latino, No importa lo que otros hagan. Lo que importa es lo que TÚ estás haciendo.

O do my best to teach peoples multiply your steems here. But need effort to buy steems. We are together! Regards

Saludos @chbartist! Excelente tus reflexiones.

Tenemos una sociedad rica en recursos, pero con malos hábitos en el manejo de ellos.

El mal manejo de los recursos en muchos casos se debe a la ignorancia, en algunos casos a los estereotipos obsoletos

Tal como lo indicas, debemos identificar una "buena tribu" con líderes y objetivos actualizados y bien estructurados, que nos permitan crecer como individuos y sociedades más justas y equilibradas, todo esto a través del estudio, la capacitación y el trabajo.

Feliz día!

Exacly! Regards

Muy bien esta publicaciòn, la comparto en todo su contenido. Hoy por hoy en el mundo existen variadas condiciones humanas: hipòcritas, mal intencionados, envidiosos, pesimistas y mala vibras; asì como tambièn muchas gentes emprendedoras, pro activas, de buenas intenciones, solidarias y dedicadas a lo suyo, sin miramiento al vecino para criticarlo. Me anoto en este segundo grupo, desde donde creo podemos hacer cosas buenas para llevar adelante un proyecto como lo es STEEMIT; màs si comenzamos a dar a conocer sus virtudes y caracterìsticas peculiares por encima de las que puedan tener otras redes. Asì que Steem, està llamada a constituirse en la primera NETWORK en el mercado criptogràfico de la mano de STEEMIT. Seguro que toda la comunidad STEEMIANS, asì lo considera.

Si, pero necessitamos mas de personas da America Latina aqui neste blog e comprando steems para entiender como multiplicar los steems. Saludos.

Hi friend @chbartist first of all thank you so much for writing this post. Yes I have also seen few people talking about bot voting and I personally feel this is not wrong. Since bot voting is legit option and available for everyone to use it so if one finds it profitable then there is nothing wrong and can be used. Nobody should blame anyone using this facility. There are all types of people in this platform out of which some will appreciate your work and efforts that you are putting into writing search nice and motivational posts but at the same time some will criticize it. We cannot change the world but we should care for the people who support us and you know very well that majority of people who are following you are supporting you. Please ignore the kind of people who are criticizing or blaming you and think of the people who are with you.

Well said that this platform is not a charity and one have to invest time or money to get the output. This is not a way to make quick money and if we make the investment in this platform then in future we can expect good returns.

Once again thank you so much for sharing wonderful posts and I hope you will keep doing the same in future as well. Take care @chbartist enjoy weekend.

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Yes friend, I'm here to teach peoples multiply your steems, but need effort now to buy steems! Regards

Excellent review @chbartist and you are absolutely right, success is actually very close, you just need to have the desire to reach out and he will be with you! Steem is the opportunity that gives us success and on how we use it, our future and the future of the platform as a whole will depend. So let's do it all together and succeed!

Dado que el proposito es para la comunidad hispano, escribo mi contestacion en español! No debe importar los criticismos externas ya que nuestros enfoque es crear y sostener una comunidad de apoyo. Muchas poblaciones hispanas viven la necesidad diaria y si podemos influenciar una comunidad grande aqui en Steem para apoyarlos para cubrir sus necesidades, logramos ayudar nuestra familia hispana! Gracias!

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Si amigo, pero necessitamos mas personas aqui neste blog porque yo vou ensinar como multiplicar steems para los que quierem de verdad, pero tiene que hacer um esforço a mas para aproveitar el momento e precio de steem. Saludos

Saludos, siempre te leo, me gusta lo que escribes. No se que inconveniente tuviste y no quiero saberlo. Lo que dices esta bien. si no me gusta lo que leo, lo paso pero no detracto a la persona, al autor.
Es cierto que la envidia mata. mi madre siempre lo decía.
Gracias por tu solidaridad con mi país. Hoy estamos viviendo una situación muy delicada. todos nos quieren invadir, quieren nuestros recursos.
Nos han bloqueado económicamente, y todos se nos complica para vivir.
He aprendido a ver la maldad en los países más poderosos.
El dinero, el poder, la riqueza, el petróleo, es lo único que realmente les importa.
Ellos también son unos hipócritas, aparte de ser malvados.
Estoy en Steem para mejorar mis ingresos, y no me ha ido muy bien.
Últimamente hasta el internet nos falla constantemente.
Esto nos demuestra que quien manda es el poderoso, solo que no manda bien.....
Espero seguir participando a pesar de mis pesares.
Mucha suerte en tu proyecto....SIEMPRE ADELANTE, ES CORRECTO..

Oh yes @chbartist, a very interesting post and what you wanted to say to us. I fully agree with you that most of us including me live in not very rich countries and many have financial problems, but only changes in our lives will depend on us and the Steem gives us an excellent opportunity to find new friends with whom together we can change this world!

One more brain expander article by you dear @chbartist . The situations you've metioned about Hispanic country is same here in Turkey. As you said we are a few on the future's boat and the world is on the edge of the future . I believe that the blockchain is the key , it could be the ladder in caos. And sure, we need to invest to what we believe. No matter how much it is, we should make it as much as we can effort.
With respects...

Thanks @chbartist for this encouraging post I think we should set target and work hard and we will definitely get success I am observing your from various days you are working like a motivational speaker thanks for your great contents which are really helpful keep it up dear @chbartist

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Oh yeah.

Ask and you shall receive. Seek and you shall find. Knock and it shall be open unto you.

Time will come that we would learn to pray and meditate.
We would learn how to be peaceful and quiet that would lead us to a better understanding and clearing of our minds.
And would eventually reach the joy we all deserve.
Keep doing, keep going, keep learning and keep hoping!

Me encanta tu critica Pienso que hay muchas personas que se acercan con mentalidad de pobreza, y solo esto me hace pensar que la igualdad que tiene dos caras, 1 la que todos conocemos como la igualdad de genero, la igualdad de condiciones y la que la gente pobre cree por ejemplo el doctor se gana el dinero fácil y yo todo el día en el campo no gano para vivir sacrificio que hizo el hombre para poder ser doctor quizás el tuvo que ir a estudiar muchas veces sin comer , trasnochar y trabajar gratis para llegar hasta donde esta.
imaginemos una vida donde gane igual el obrero que el arquitecto, el conductor lo mismo que el piloto, o que todas las calificaciones de la clase se sumen y dividan porcentaje de nota para cada uno del grupo SE PERDERÍA EL ESFUERZO DE LOS APLICADOS y se aplaudiría la mediocridad ?

To be honest it's the first time, i read a content which is so long but it wasnt annoying here on steemit.
it was interesting and also meaningful also for me, someone who is from morocco another country with a lot of bureaucracy, high taxes ...etc but also religion what makes me run away and change my comfort zone in 2012, even if i was a young boy ( 19 ) i prefered to be me and do what i want to do without having others who always have to tell me what should i do/be .

excellent article @chbartist I agree with what you share there is no better decision than alejarce of everything that subtracts and does not add things that really are of value I always read to you.

Without paying attention and hard work success is not possible here.
I always like your post and motivation Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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Hi, friend @chbartist you are right about seccuess here is with confidence do hard work fix goal for achieving your dreams.

Everything is possible with mindset in a positive way.

Nice article ,👍

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I just woke up and for some reason I felt like coming to steemit after a few days of being away and the first article that popped up was this. It really gave me energy to start my day properly. Thanks man. keep it coming.

You know how to cook up a good article so to say! Always with good detail and effort. And of course entertainment!

I have read your article, it is very informative and helpful for me.I admire the valuable information you offer in your articles. Thanks for posting it

O wow, This is great, great material. Greetings from a Latin country, in the worst crisis in the history of America.

De verdad me diste un sacudon con tus palabras @chbartist aunque es primera vez que leo tu blog impresionante como se puede motivar y cambiar la mentalidad de alguien con solo palabras. Muchas gracias

Invierte en la plataforma, trabaja duro y te pagará, te lo aseguro.amigo @chbartist estas palabras ha marcado en mi un antes y un despues. gracias amigo exelente post te escribe @sanvigoaseven

Mindblowing article @chbartist i hope in future you will perform more well
your success will be on top

hola chbartist gracias por tu esfuerzo porque me as motivado ya que soy nuevo me esforzare como lo haces tu que DIOS te bendiga

@being an entrepreneur is not easy, but once you get going you are unstoppable

Muy interesante las reflexiones y consejos que a grandes rasgos se que pocos lo leyeron completo, pero todo suma y sigue adelante.. Solo soy sincero jejeje

I love your attitude on life. I've never quite understood those who need to devalue others in order to feel successful themselves. You've got a great way of phrasing these thoughts that makes them come out quite clearly.

Again, I'd love to invite you to check out #powerhousecreatives. I think you could find some passionate folks there to help you on your journey, as well as being an aide to them in their journey.

Applaud and be applauded simultaneously. :-D

Thank you for your kind words! I'm support powerhousecreatives. Regards

Thanks! 😀

Thank you for your beautiful and inspiring words @chbartist, you are absolutely right, we have a window to the future. "blockchain technology" technology with purpose, we move forward and we do not see the circumstance, but the award, we can not give up, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, always comes the dawn.

Hola a todos!.

Me encanto todo lo que has escrito ya que has descrito la realidad de las personas con mente mediocre, en el mucho hay muchas personas que solo invierten tiempo en criticar a las personas que de verdad están haciendo algo valioso que los esta llevando a cosechar éxitos. Pero esas personas no quieren ese éxito quieren es que tu lo pierdas porque ellos no tienen el valor, la decisión y el suficiente coraje de entregar algo sincero y de corazón al mundo para poder recibir la reciprocidad de sus actos.

Thanks for the support. For teaching me the concept of community in practice. Greetings from Venezuela.

Interesante información, quede sin palabra pero me gusto mucho. saludos y gracias !

Hola saludos, entiendo tu planteamiento, en mi corta vida me ha afectado un tanto ese comportamiento egoísta de la gente y de alguna manera eso limita el crecimiento de otros, personas sumamente toxicas perezosas y amargadas que apenas ven que tienes solo un poco mas y eres victima de criticas, personas que no son capaces de dar pasos hacia el crecimiento y tal cual se sientan a esperar que algo suceda y nunca sucede nada.. pero si a otros le suceden cosas buenas no piensan en el esfuerzo y dedicación de esa persona para obtenerlo, el mundo esta lleno de esa clase de gente y hacemos tal cual como dices: ignorarlos.. por otro lado totalmente de acuerdo en cuanto a invertir, aportar cosas valiosas a nuestra sociedad y aunque estemos en medio de una crisis siempre podremos si nos adaptamos a las nuevas tendencias de la economía, acá en venezuela lo estamos viviendo día a día.. Nada es facil pero en familia nadie se detiene, seguimos trabanjando, estudiando, atendiendo nuestros hijos, buscando el mejor centro educativo para ellos, todo lo posible a pesar de la crisis. felicidades, eres un gran motivador . me motivas a mi. Gracias, Mil Gracias, espero atenta la 2da parte.

Hello dear friend, I have been a little away from the platform because in the area that I live we have had many inconveniences with telecommunications (telephone and internet). I'm catching up on your publications that I always enjoy reading. And with this I feel very identified. Everything you mention here is real, I have read many comments that have been made to make you look bad, but those who really have us time following you must be clear that you are a person worthy to follow, your messages are positive and encouraging ... I do not see the problem in which you use robots ... perhaps others do not? There are many whales that do it, so why the attack with you ... you just have to ignore them. When you know who you are, that does not matter !!! I can particularly say that you are a noble person and that you really like to help others. You do not use those robots to benefit only you, and that's what matters, unlike others who only think about them.

With respect to my Venezuela ... steemit is a great help, since the money does not reach because of the great inflation that suffocates us, therefore we must dedicate ourselves to publish and comment, always work in spite of the adversities, these days are crucial As for politics, so we do not know what may happen, we hope that everything goes well and we can have a country totally free.

Thank you very much for your support, your advice and your best wishes for my beautiful Venezuela !!!

God bless you!

Hi @chbartist many thanks for all your awesome and inspiring motivational posts. You are a leader in the steemit blog. I'm a new member from South Africa, so reaching out in a south-south exchange lol.

I'm still learning about the interesting concept of bots and their upvotes. I have not used steemit for a few months and am trying to grow my profile again now, but it is difficult for me to make much progress with such low Steem power. Is there a way that I can improve without spending money, but simply by posting? I actually can't even make a post yet due to such low SP. Do you have any advice for a new member on this fascinating platform.

Sincere thanks for your input and good example.

muy buen post chbartist, mil bendiciones feliz de estar leyendo este post..
como se hace para estar en la lista?? saludos

If you want, I can Include you! Read the important notes in the post! Regards

Si por supuesto incluye me

Great post, good information, congratulations; Thank you in advance for any additional information that you may supply in Blockchain, regards

im intersted for read this article , hope can give support for people in the world for increase and build the best of character to achivement on success

Thank you so much for this wonderful and very inspiring post. @chbartist

Yes my friendz u are right
And this artical should be very very interesting

Your title says it all.

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Your post is always good. I like your post very wellIMG_20190203_205540.png

If you wante success ,then you have to have confident ,and if you want confident ,then you have to prapare

Excelente reflexión muy interesante de verdad. Muchas realidades unidas

Success aren't just given you need to work for it.

I've been knocking quite loudly for a while now on that door. Sometimes you just got in though a window!

No hablo espanol muy bien, lol. Gracias amigo.

Wow wonderfull post.thanks for sharing this post.

Wow wonderfull post.thanks for sharing this post.

@chbartist it is so close but will only respond when you beckon and do the needful

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Ooh. Your inspiration thouths..... Omg... I loved it. I am new on steemit my first upvote blog...

Hi @chbartist Sir,

I began my journey in Steemit reading your blog posts. I was really fortunate enough to start from a place loaded with inspiration, encouragement, motivation, and many more positive and powerful factors. I would like to thank @chbartist for giving me a purposeful and meaningful entry here in Steemit.

A. "They taught me what is respect, humanity, generosity, honesty, maintaining honor and character."

There is no need for you to tell all these things @chbartist Sir. Your blog posts simply reflect your character, attitude. The whole world knows who you are and what a mind-blowing impact your powerful words are creating.

B. "Money does not corrupt anyone, it only enhances who you've always been."

Absolutely. Money is not corrupting anyone.
There are many people who are becoming millionaires, but among them very few are involved in philanthropic activities. And many of them are having a sea change in their mindsets.

C. "......all the profits I can make on the bots I donate 100% of the profit I get from them to many people at steemit... "

We deeply appreciate your selfless initiative for support you are providing for the growth of planktons & minnows and Steemit as well.

D. "......and I will not be talking here to whom I make donations because it would be ridiculous my part in the same way that it is ridiculous people criticize others publicly without knowing... "

Sir, those who act don't speak and vice versa. A selfless person is the one who will go on doing good to those in need and will not expect anything in return and also will not bother about criticisms coming his way. Progressing forward is their only goal and the point worth mentioning here is that these people will not only think about themselves, but also think about others who are traveling with them in this JOURNEY. What more can I say?

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Nice this is very informative

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Hey man, this is my first time on your blog and i must first congratulate you for what you are building here. And that's what i want to mention here. From all I've read here today I'll say it boils down to two words BUILD and RE-ASSESS. That's right, anyone reading your post should make it a practice to build oneself, build a project, assess what you have built and build more on the blockchain. There's something for everyone.

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This is a MUST read again article -- thank you for sharing!!

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Hello my friend!
I have read your post, you have inspired and you have shown very nice values that you have learned throughout your life, I really see that you have spoken with transparency and sincerity when I see that you include your deceased father, something I regret because I know what What it means to lose someone who gave us true love, the only thing I would like to tell you and I say it with a lot of humility and esteem, is that you spend a lot of time in your post to the thieves of dreams, they do not deserve it and they will stay there! in the circle of drunks together, as your father said.
is the first post I read because I am new here in steemit and my first impression has been very positive I will also open the door to success.
Greetings and much success!

In the process of starting a new era of the blockchain and building up some good content for blogging platform or thoughts sharing we might face some problems with having some dumb members of steemit but though we are developing a very good community of the thinkers here I think.

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muy bien ....

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