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I take photo's because i like taking photos. It's visual entertainment not education or how to... it's that simple. You all have some sort of computer or smartphone. If this car sparks your interest then please look it up right? The idea of what i was thinking or feeling or trying to make others feel is fine and i wasn't. thinking. feeling. that's the whole point of it. it stops the incessant mind. for me. and yes i stopped using proper grammar or punctuation there. because e. e cummings



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Always was sick! :D


Yeah they're really cool!

I came across another that's in brand new condition and has colored stripes on the hood!


Damn that's awesome!


They're really fun. Everybody loves them too.

One of the original minimalist car designs, and it worked well! The fact that there are still a bunch around speaks to them being tough, because I doubt if any of them were treated very well!

Reminds me of a German staff car.


They do look like Those Staff cars! The budget version maybe for the new guys fresh out of officer school haha


A little grey paint, and it would be hard to tell them apart, LOL! I bet this one is a lot lighter though.

The only guy I know that had one, loved it; but walked on the hood, go figure....