Vehicle Photography - Tractor Exhibit at the Ag Museum

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Sawyer-Massey tractor.JPG

Earlier this month, I was in the middle of posting photos from the Ottawa Central Experimental Farm. These are photos from its tractor exhibit in the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum. For more info on the experimental farm, start here.

I think of the tractors of today that can have air conditioning and stereo systems in them.

tractor - orange.JPG

This orange one seems like a hotrod. I never did figure out what it really was. I didn't see a motor and I was even wondering if it was pulled by horses, but the museum was hot that day so I didn't stick around to do my detective work! That's why you see a big fan in this next photo.

tractor - green.JPG

Here is a tractor that resembles the tractors I saw in my youth but much older.

This is for @juliank #vehiclephotography.


Tour of the Ottawa Experimental Farm - Overview
Canada Agriculture and Food Museum


Photos from the iPad of @kansuze. Taken at the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum, Central Experimental Farm, Ottawa, Canada

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I love the hot rod! I want to get a motor in there and drive it

I love the hot rod!
I want to get a motor
In there and drive it

                 - nikv

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

I love the haikubot!

We'll hijack it together! lol

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