Bajau woman selling fish in front of our hut - Mabul, Borneo

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Bajau are the sea gypsies. They have been seafaring people for most of their history, sailing in the Coral Triangle between islands of the Philippines, Indonesia, and Malaysia, chasing good weather conditions. Because of this lifestyle, they don't have a nationality or rights in any country.

This picture was taken in Mabul, Borneo, during a diving trip. The woman's face is dusted by a cooling powder to protect her from the sun. To read the full story, visit my travel blog:


Device: Canon PowerShot G10
ISO: 160
Shot: 1/160 sec. f/3.5 12.074mm
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So beautiful. Well captured! Love the simplicity, elegance, composition, minimal colour, reflections and poise here. Bravo @fjorenca!


Thank you! So glad you like it! I have more pictures of them on my blog. Check them out:

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Thank you! You too! :)