Z28 in the streets of Detroit

in vehiclephotography •  7 months ago

Camaro Z28 by DreamStream

Spotted this shiny Chevy Camaro Z28 in the streets of downtown Detroit.

The street was decorated with hanging lights which made a nice reflection on the car.

Posted for for the #vehiclephotography by @juliank

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Really pretty picture and an even better looking car ;)


Beautiful picture :)


thank you

Hello! I have just featured one of your images that you recently submitted to my 7 World´s Continents Photo Challenge in today´s color challenge. Feel free to attend the post to interact with other users through answering some of the comments. Thank you. Have a great day. Tomas

ColorChallenge - Blue Friday - @dreamstream in 7 World's Continents Photo Challenge!


awesome, thanks so much for the featured post and upvote