Vehiclephotography Contest: My Opel Calibra

in vehiclephotography •  6 months ago

Hi guys!

When I was 17 years old I bought my first car. The car was an Opel Calibra 1991.

I have always liked the model of this car, because it has a nice sporty look.


The car had a 2.0 L 16 V engine with 150 hp.

Guess how hard it was for me to have the car parked in your yard, but you just couldn't go out for a drive. First, I had to wait to turn 18 and then manage to get the driver's license.


I owned this car for 13 years and I sold it last summer. It was a really heartbreaking moment when I saw the car disappear from my yard. But the fun thing is that the guy who bought my car lives in the same village as me, so I get to see the car now and then!

calibra 1.jpg


This is also my entry for today's #vehiclephotography contest arranged by @juliank and @photocontests.

I hope you enjoyed my post! Thanks for stopping by!

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Nice colour...

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wow cool car. I really like the color.



Take care of this beautiful car!


I sold it!

Parting with a car with you for that long and so unique like must have been tough.
That must have been a great ride with 16 valves.


Yeah true, but in a way it was a relief for me because I have had some problems with this car. It was also difficult to sell it.


Somewhat similar situation with me having a BMW 335 for 10 years, love it but many problems, however, its a manual (we have few new cars here that are) and the body is in great shape. decisions, decisions...

Hi @borran ! The way you explained your car when you were 17 was fantastic! Your car looked like it was a wicked mustang bro!!!
Here is my page: @philthomas

I suppose you were the most cool boy with this car from your neighborhood;)


Haha! I don't know about that! xD

Ouch that must hurt! Nice car my friend :)


Yup! :P..Thanks! :)