Paddock’s Accomplice, Scott Edmisten Captured? CIA operation with G4S involved in False Flag Shootings present and previous, Deep State Censorship conditioning and programming

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Please read and watch the videos and share. All by Design, World's a Stage.
Paddock’s Accomplice, Scott Edmisten Captured? Google FB Censors!

From the article:
"Tom Heneghan says British G4S is very capable of putting together a murder squad to do this shooting.
Stephen Paddock and his girlfriend Marylou Danley were bag man and bag woman for FBI Division #5 and casinos involved in money laundering, narcotics trafficking and foreign currency manipulation
Brian Hodge saw multiple shooters
Why does this guy’s huge testimony about multiple shooters keep getting deleted by Facebook?
Family and friends concerned about the RT91 festival massacre please share and spread this post for it is completely real and the news is not telling the entire truth."

"The first shooter was at the Mandalay Bay, then MGM Grand and Excalibur/New York New York and Tropicana. These are confirmed by me personally and the shooter from Mandalay I believe was shooting an LMG with 100 rounds each go. I will tell my story and hope to get shares and the truth spread as the news is making it out to be ONE shooter.
Australian Brian Hodge, who previously worked at Jupiters Casino on the Gold Coast, claimed he was staying in the room next to the shooter on level 32 at the Las Vegas resort."

"Both were also G4S “crisis actors” in the Terror Drill that took place in Tampa, Florida the end of May.
DHS has contracted British Intelligence linked G4S to handle security at 90% of America’s nuclear plants.
G4S, is now running the security for this year’s Super Bowl! I won’t be going!"

Paddock and his girlfriend, former CIA agent as FBI Informants involved in operation.
4-5 shooters 1 at each location. Mandalay Bay, MGM Grand, Excalibur/New York New York, Tropicana.
G4S involved with Shootings.
Doesn't that tell you it's another Deep State/CIA operation push for further control of society into Police State with Police Scanners, Gun Control mirrored to Minority Report.

There's more to read from testimony from witnesses who witnessed shooting at the other locations other than Mandalay Bay. Plus, other information. Only way you are going to find out is look into this for yourself. Because you may spot something that the other person hasn't seen, it's all perspective along with common sense and discernment. Playing the ignorance and assume card doesn't help either. I worked very hard to find these links to articles, videos, etc. would appreciate the consideration for what I've done, plus others who have put together similar material in their own way. Please watch this video to find out how the powers that shouldn't be distract you with entertainment as distraction from what they are really doing behind the scenes.

*YOU ARE BEING BRAIN WASHED ! conditioned and programmed by Government , Hollywood. WAKE UP USA !

Druid/Illuminati controlled system. Behavior modification. Downfall of society.
Operates as Roman Circus
Predictive Programming/Subliminal Messages
Only Jesus/Yeshua saves from all of the evil and chaos out there.

Please read and watch videos, other postings and share.

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