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Tarte aux tomates

Also known as Tarte à la tomate et à la moutarde, it really is the French version of pizza to me and tastes delicious. Using fresh thyme and oregano in addition can round up the flavour. Here is an easy recipe that is done in NO-TIME. For those of you who like wine, it really goes well with a white wine. A Gewürztraminer, Pinot Gris/Grigio or Riesling. You can also just settle for a Pinot Blanc if you can't find the mentioned.


I used the swiss made 'Free the Goat Ch**ze' of NEW ROOTS, which tastes amazing and is made from cashew nuts.


  • Pizza Dough
    (It can be made without yeast, using any oil, flour, salt and sugar)

  • Tomatoes

  • Basil

  • Mustard (i used one with herbs)

  • Free the Goat Ch**ze
    (You can also just mix up some cashews with salt, olive oil, pepper and a bit of lemon juice)/add some garlic if you like

  • Herbes de Provence (French Herbs Seasoning)

  • Black Pepper

  • Salt

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Preheat Oven at 200 Degrees Celsius.


Slice tomatoes


Roll out dough


Add mustard


Spread mustard with a bread knife, add herbes de provence and black pepper


Add basil leafs


Add tomato slices


Spread 'free the goat ch**ze' or cashew mass, add more herbes de provence, black pepper, salt and some olive oil. I dropped a few more tiny basil leafs.


Close up. Put in oven for 22-25 min at 200 degrees celsius


Take out of oven when ready


Close up when done


Even closer

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The idea of this post was to showcase a really easy recipe that can be done in 10-15 min excluding oven time. People often ask me what I eat, living plant based. Usually I pay attention and ask them what they like. I go through the process of 2-3 hours to create 1 kg of my own Seitan because the one in the supermarket tastes quite mundane. I know what you're thinking: "Pure Gluten". I usually cook so many different dishes for myself and other vegans. I end up making things for non-vegans which have some familiarity to them. Some of the most ingenuitive cooks I have ever met turned vegan recently. Lets be honest, everyone has their own process and NOT just vegans can be dogmatic at times. According to my experience everything I ever made that's plant based actually ends up tasting very different because animal products can have a very overpowering taste. Normally vegan food can be light for non vegans, but this Tarte can be made quite wholesome. I encourage anyone to try to go vegan or vegetarian for 3 months and I would love to read about their experiences. How they feel and if they noticed any physical and mental changes. I guess one day I just decided to try and cause the least amount of harm. I was always a person that didn't want to hurt anything even when I was little. It can be revealing when you look at an ant or an insect and it looks back at you with it's antennae up. Like a macro zoom with human eyes in which time slows down for a millisecond. I consider the human body and it's gastro intestinal tract better suited for a herbivorous diet. I usually reason with the intestinal length and jaws of omni-, and carnivores. Another is the micro-biome. Moreover, I decided that i'm not a calf and not a baby at some point. My journey is another story...

Special thanks to the couple I shared this meal with.

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Can't wait to make this one day soon. You really made me think about my food intake. I started dialing back my eating window from 10 to 8 hours ( 16 hour fast ), starting today. I am still eating meat and dairy though.

I should get a hold on some cashews, this looks and sounds amazing!

Mediterranean food is so amazing. Specially love Lebanese cuisine for that transition. They have a lot of vegan options. There are a lot of tips and tricks i reveal on how to make a good Seitan and a Jackfruit Curry. I also have a great recipe on an indian dish with eggplant called Baingan Bharta. Although personally I would also try to eat less of night shades and instead have a lots of nuts, grains, salads and herbs. I also love mushrooms. I think I eat way too much wheat proteins(gluten) etc. too much soy isn’t healthy either. Gonna try a more alkaline diet, avoiding acidic foods for a while and keep solanine and lectins out of my diet starting on Monday, 17. June 2019 10:30:42 (MESZ) for at least 3 months.

Lebanese sounds awesome. It's just not easy for me to find 'special' ingredients here. It does not help to not have a car and live in a tiny village without any shops haha.

Nuts, grains, salads and herbs sound great and I love mushrooms too!

Same story about wheat. I heavily cut down on bread though ( Portuguese eat loads of it ) and try to eat couscous and brown rice instead of potatoes or pasta whenever I can.

I'm curious about what that diet is gonna bring you.

P.S. You planted a seed in my head about visiting India ( in October ), I can't wait to taste Indian food :>)


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While definitely not a vegan, I can appreciate good food, and this looks/sounds lovely! Wow! I love me some tomatoes and basil. Must try.

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Interesting article..Thanks for the recipe.

@yangyanje, It have Yummy essence and in my opinion these huge Tomato slices are main attraction and after watching this picture i will going to make a Tomato Snack. Enjoy and stay blessed.

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I think i made my first one in india. Delicious tomato and basil there!

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Good to know about that. Enjoy the delicious times.

This looks absolutely delicious! I have been putting mustard in everything lately, so this is right up my alley flavor-wise. The tomatoes are just coming into season here and are going to be so delicious soon. I am so pleased to see all the different vegan cheeze options out there now, too. I didn't really miss cheese as much as I thought I would when I went vegan, but it is nice to have the option for things like this! I actually made some pizza last week and got some vegan cheeze to go on top for a treat. :)

@plantstoplanks thank you for your comment. Mustard is amazing, specially with the right herbs i feel? It’s the same for me. I usually rather have my pizza without the vegan cheeses and don’t miss cheese at all. I wouldn’t have believed myself writing this while i was still vegetarian. The new root ch**ze although is really exemplary in taste and reflects the tradition of swiss or french cheese making and the company truly lives to prevent animal cruelty. I personally still like making my own cashew pastes or spreads using nutritional yeast and some garlic.

I am with you that I try to make as much as possible at home. I haven't experimented a whole lot with cheeze yet, though I have made some cheezy sauces that turned out great. ;) It is nice to occasionally buy some of the products on the market if for nothing else than to support such a great company, though! I will go out of my way to make sure to purchase from companies like that. I am definitely not perfect in all of my spending, but I am trying to be more and more conscious of that when I do shop places other than the farmers market. :)

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