Yeah! I don't use any gram of sugar for one year! It's so beautiful, that we're able to do some sweets without white sugar! Thanks love! 💕

Wow that's fantastic! What about eating out, do you live 100% sugar free or just when you prepare food at home? I never buy or use sugar at home but when I eat our and there's sugar in the food (they use it a lot in dressings here in Southeast Asia), I'll have it :)

Well, I can say that I live100% sugar-free. I know how it damages our organism, vitals and especially our brain. So that's why I want to avoid it. When I'm going to grocery shopping, I always checking labels to make sure, that certain product is without added sugar and unnecessary additions. I'm only using dates and xylitol (now hardly ever) as a natural sweetener. I don't remember when I had something sweet in my mouht like Milka Chocolate which I loved (and that has tons of sugars per100g) and I was able to eat candy bar at once! Yuck! 😷

Woooow that is great!!! Have you noticed an impact in your wellbeing after changing to a sugar free diet?

For sure, I feel more lighter than ever! Hehehe, but it's obvious. I sleep better, my skin and hair has improved, but not only that. Because sugar has big impact for brain, I'm able now to focus more on my work or whatever. Quit sugar also helped me improved my memory :) So I highly recommend that! 😊

Wow thanks for sharing! I'm traveling Vietnam at the moment and they put sugar everywhere. When I go back to Bali in April it'll be easier :)