The #veganbreakfastcontest! Share Your Recipe & tips & Win Steem Dollars!

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Hi my gorgeous friends!! Its finally time for me to announce my first contest here on steemit, to celebrate 2 months on this beautiful platform!

I know you have been waiting, and now its time to start the PARTY!

Probably it is no suprise to you, that my contest will have the theme #veganbreakfastcontest , as breakfast is my favourite meal!;) Simple share your delicious vegan breakfast with me! I will upvote and comment all entries coming in!

The 1st Place Winner will receive

  • 3 SBD

The 2nd Place Winner will receive

  • 1.5 SBD

The 3rd Place Winner will receive

  • 0.5 SBD

All the winners entries will also be resteemed!

To enter all you need to do is:

The winners will be announced on Wednesday March 14th

Good Luck!!!


Love, Niina

Ps. Check out my instagram and blog for many simple vegan recipes!!


I do love some breakfast! I've got a busy week ahead, but hopefully I'll get a chance to join in. 😊

I really hope you will find some time darling to join my contest! Thanks a lot Katie for your support;)

Congrats for this initiative!! This contest is so cool! Hope I have the time to post some vegan recipes!!

Yay! Really hope you will find time to join my contest sweetheart!!;)

Thank you so much babe! I hope you also want to participate at the contest!💕

Thank you so so much for joining in!! It looks so beautiful dear! And your recipe, oh boy, simple and delish!

YAY, congrats on being on Steemit for 2 months now, I'm so happy I found you here. This is my first entry to your contest:

Thanks so much for giving us the opportunity to share our favourite vegan brekfasts with the steemit world :)

Thank you so much Sofia for joining in!! I am so happy I have found you too here on steemit, you are such a huge talent and great food photographer dear!! Will check out your entry right away!

Thanks for your sweet words ♥

I love this. I'm just sitting here drinking a Lager but now I really want to grab somthing to eat!

Haha thats great;) perhaps you want to join my contest?

Yeah 2 months on steemit, would love to partake but my camera is broken xx

Oh no! But you could enter with a recipes without picture if you like to;)

I have a feeling it would be something like this :) I'm sure this will be a hard decision to make lol!

Haha yes breakfast is just the best thing ever;) and something I want us to share with each other through this contest!

I love this!!! I think I’m gonna try it out. I’m not vegan, but I eat vegan for breakfast all the many options! Going to think of something fun.

Oh I am really looking forwards to your entry Lily!! Thank you so much!!

I just joined this contest, this is my entry

Thank you for this opportunity 💚

Thank you so much for joining in darling!!

My first food contest! This sounds fun! Here is my entry! Thanks so much @vegan.niinja! Resteemed!

Thank you so much hun for your delicious entry!!! So great you participate!!

I am in for sure Nina, I love this contest already. I will post my entry when I get home, before I go to bed 🍓💚🍓

Oh yes! I am looking forward to your entry Lena!!

This is gorgeous, LOVE that you added that almond butter! Yumm!!

I am happy you like it my Dear................thank you so much 🌸💖🌸

Cool! Can't wait to share with you my daily breakfast 😊Great theme of first contest love! 💕

Thanks babe! Looking forward to your entry!!;)

You just made it in time babe! Thank you so much for joining!🎆🎉😍😄

I forgot to tag #veganbreakfastcontest, and vote and I'm following you @vegan.niinja.

Thank you! I didnt find your entry, did you add the hashtag?

Thanks for your comment on my post! If today early vote your post, I'm following you and I'll tag you @ vegan.niinja

Have a great sunday dear!!

What a great contest!!

Thank you so much!!

I love the contest initiative .. It make sense and cool .. Lovely for the contest host @vegan.niinja ..thanks

Thank you a lot! Hope you want to join in!!

Hey there! This is my entry for the contest! Have a wonderful day, girls!!

Thank you so so much my love! So glad you had time to join in!!

Thank you so much for your beautiful and delicious entry! Love it!

It's nice if you like it, thanks!

Thank you so much for your breakfast entry my dear!! Looks so delish;)

Can't believe I almost missed this!! Looks like I still have some time to join :) I really hope I'll manage to participate since I have busy day coming around tomorrow :) Girll I love this contest so much, breakfast is my fav meal as well hehe

Here comes my second entry, I'm soo excited about this contest - thanks again so much for your efforts ♥

Thank you so much for supporting me so much Sofia, you are gorgeous! Enjoy your day sweetheart!;)

Thank you so so much! Will check it out now;)

Somehow I cant get to your entry, can you add it here again? When I click on the link I just get to the entry from plantbasedmiri.

WoW I just discovered your Blog! Great many blessings I love vegan food for health. From today I am a favorite of your blog @vegan.niinja

Thank you so much my dear! So glad you found me here;)