🍽 Stay healthy! 😀😋 Daily ice cream challenge: 🍫Choco ☕ Mocca 🍦ice cream 👌

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Dear friends 💕,

This is my 12th daily ice cream post! 😀

This time, I made a 🍫 Chocolate ☕ Mocca 🍦ice cream! I love chocolate and coffee, and the combination is the best! This post is also my entry to #fruitsandveggiesmonday hosted by @lenasveganliving.

choco mocca ice cream.png


For a big portion you need about 3 ripe bananas 🍌🍌🍌, about 5 tbsp of unsweetened cocoa powder🍫🍫🍫, and about 1 tbsp of Mocca coffee powder ☕. If you are using a blender, some liquid (e.g. water) is advantageous so that the blender can handle the frozen bananas.



  • First, freeze the bananas 🍌 for at least 8 hours.
  • Cut the bananas 🍌 into smaller pieces so that the blender can better handle them.


  • Put the cut-up bananas, the cocoa powder and the Mocca coffee powder into a heavy duty blender or a food processor.


  • Add also some liquid (e.g. water - but not too much!) into the blender and blend it all up until it is creamy and smooth.


There you have it! 😀

Your delicious creamy and decadent chocolate Mocca ice cream! 😋😋😋
I garnished it with a piece of vegan chocolate.

Enjoy it!


Hope to inspire you! 💕

Good luck and best wishes!
Chris aka smallstepschange 🐾


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I am so going to go and eat ice cream now, haha, eventually I ll try my blender too :)

haha, yeah, seems like a very good idea! :)

Chocolate and coffee, a really delicious combo!

Yum, for those coffee lovers! Well done!

yeah, I really love coffee ice cream :)

Another one of my favorites for the summer season............well done my Chris 🍒 🍌🍑🌿🍍🍓🍇
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thanks Lena!! :)