🍽 Stay healthy! 😋 Daily ice cream challenge: 🍦 blueberry mint bliss 🔵

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Dear friends 💕,

This is my 15th daily ice cream post! 😀 This time, I made a blueberry ice cream! 🔵
This recipe is also my entry to @heart-to-heart's #veganwednesday contest.



You need 2 ripe bananas 🍌🍌 and about 300g of blueberries 🔵. If you are using a blender, some liquid (e.g. water) is advantageous so that the blender can handle the frozen bananas.



  • First, freeze the bananas 🍌and blueberries 🔵 for at least 8 hours.
  • Cut the bananas 🍌 into smaller pieces so that the blender can better handle them.


  • Put the cut-up bananas and the blueberries into a heavy duty blender or a food processor. Add also some tap water (but not too much!) into the blender and blend it all up until it is creamy and smooth.


There you have it! 😀 Easy, ha?

Your delicious creamy blueberry ice cream! 😋😋😋
I garnished it with some mint leaves.

Enjoy it!

Hope to inspire you! 💕

Good luck and best wishes!
Chris aka smallstepschange 🐾


If you like my post, please ...


This one looks much better than what I made D:. Top notch presentation and good recipe!


hi, thanks! glad you actually tried it out!

Super delicious...............well done Chris 🌸💖🌸

thanks Lena!! :)

My pleasure Chris and corrected the typo! Ops😊

no problem! with typos the best solution is: whoever finds them can keep them. ;)

Wow looks good☆

Hi, yeah, the summer feeling has finally arrived. Fits perfectly to the weather and looks delicious. :)

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So easy, healthy & delicious! Thanks for sharing & resteemed :)

hi! Thank you so much for your support!

Omgoodness that looks AMAZING😮😍

The color of that nice cream looks devine :) I want to taste even though I don't like nice cream 🤣

yeah, I love the blue of the blueberry!

Heelo my friend:

I've got to make some nice ice cream, it's time!

Greetings, Gersson