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Recent Dinner Staple

in vegan •  9 months ago

I had some ripe avocados, serrano peppers, and lots of basil. You gotta get rid of this stuff fast—by eating it :D

So I bought some bananas and romaine hearts and made this...

  • start with a bed of romaine lettuce
  • spread and squish the avocado on top
  • place slides of banana on top
  • lightly diced serrano pepper (on top)
  • sprinkle the sliced basil on top
  • then dress with...lots of pepper :)


And considering there’s fruit in here, you’re guaranteed that it is nutritionally complete :)

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I'll test this one out asap.


I’ve been loving these little wraps lately! They’re helping me ignore these raw vegan cooked nuts/seeds cravings!!

I've only at raw food yesterday and the day prior and today I haven't eaten yet. I obviously feel much better.


Wow long have you been eating more raw? Almost 6 months right? It’ll be much easier and more enjoyable in the summer hehe :)

Looks so tasty..

thats so nice one, tasty and yummy. Upvoted and also followed ur chan :)


Thank you :) !! <3

Wow,, really great post i love food thanks for good information keep up it

Not sure about nutritionally complete but it is definitely healthy and looks like it tastes wonderful. How was it please?


@thaicryptokitty what would make this more nutritionally complete?


Good question sir. Something with protein. Try some nuts or seeds. Almonds or cashews or sunflower or pumpkin seeds and you have a great meal/snack. Sounds great. Enjoy.


@thaicryptokitty fruit is a great source of high quality protein, and every other ingredient in this wrap are great sources of protein.


@fruitdaddy’s comment says it best!