Raw Vegan Lifestyle: What I Eat in a Day!

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I like it super simple and hydrating in the morning, energising and nourishing at lunch and savory, rich for dinner. Everyone is different though and my meals can only be an inspiration, no guideline for your own daily food choices.

MORNING HYDRATION: 1 liter filtered water with juice of 1/2 lime

BREAKFAST: 1/2 huge honeydew melon + 2 juicy oranges

LUNCH: Nicecream made of 8 frozen bananas, 1/2 mamey sapote, 1/2 cup blueberries, ginger, cinnamon

DINNER: Big bowl of mixed lettuce, arugula, grated carrots, parsley and nori - topped with a creamy sauce made of cucumber, avocado, a bit of tahini, chia seeds, dill and some spices

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Avocado is a great fat source for creamy dinner salads. But I also like to include some seeds into my sauces to fill my nutritional needs such as calcium, zinc and proteins. To keep my sauce a bit lower in fat though, I mix it with cucumber and add only 1/2 avocado. Still super creamy and easier on my body.

Right now this is my go-to dinner setup every day.

I often have a favourite meal that I repeat over and over and over until something new comes up. One thing that almost never changes is a light and hydrating start into the day.

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I wish you all a vibrant, fruitful day!

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Simply awesome indeed

Simplicity makes life much easier - especially in the kitchen and for our tummy :D

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