Let's Get Cheesy - Reinvent Your Dairy At Home (Vegan)

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When I dipped my toes into the vegan lifestyle over 6 years ago, one thing that was holding me back to fully commit was cheese and other dairy products. I just loved yogurt with fruits, milk in my cereals, melted cheese on my dinner meals or the fresh cream next to my veggies.

How could I give that up forever?

At that time, plant-based alternatives weren’t a big thing yet so it took a lot of discipline to follow my calling anyway and go all-in with the vegan thing. But nowadays we certainly don’t have to miss those great tastes if we want to go vegan.

Have you ever thought that doing your own healthy vegan “dairy” at home could be FAST, EASY and DELICIOUS?

My friends Leo and Timi put together an amazing ebook called „Reinvent Your Dairy At Home“ with 80+ simple recipes for you to create your own milk, cheese, yogurt, butter, chocolate, condensed milk, whipped cream, desserts and more. And they are not only delicious but also so much more nutritious than the traditional dairy products, giving more love to your gut, brain, skin and overall body!

You can access your own digital copy right away and start creating:

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Free of dairy, but full of flavour and nourishment

  • 80+ tasty raw and cooked recipes for all levels of experience
  • Free of any animal products
  • Wholesome and healthy ingredients
  • Simple instructions, easy to follow recipes
  • Free of refined sugar, with natural sweeteners
  • Gluten-free, soy-free and mostly oil-free
  • 35+ valuable information about milk and practical tips for the transition


For you to easily create at home

  • Savory and fruity milk alternatives
  • Refreshing yogurt recipes
  • Whole-some, vegan butter
  • Whipped cream recipes
  • Cheeses with exciting flavours
  • Creamy mayonnaise recipes
  • Creamy and fruity smoothies
  • Indulgent vegan desserts
    ...and so much more!

You would like more information about the ebook or take a peak inside? YES, SHOW ME MORE

🎁 We have a special discount for you - get 4$ off if you upgrade for both our ebooks “Raw Vegan Abundance“ and „Reinvent your Dairy At Home“. Simply click the upgrade button in the order form of one of those ebooks and enjoy the full power of plant foods.

No matter if you are already a passionate vegan or just want to dip your toes into the dairy-free world - this ebook got you covered. Dive into the delicious world of vegan cheese, milk and creams with us and see your health transform one tasty bite at a time.

💫 If you want more daily inspiration about raw food, vibrant nutrition, holistic health and conscious lifestyle - check out my Instagram account or the Raw Expansion website.

Have a vibrant day, everyone! Anais

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I love your dishes - they look amazingly delicious indeed - yumyumyum

Thank you so much :D

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