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How would your life look like if you would have increased energy, mental clarity, more balanced emotions, better skin or a leaner body? Raw food can help you with that.

The process of cooking actually changes the structure of nutrients and often decreases their health properties. This can not only leave us without the necessary nutrition in our food but also leads to an accumulation of substances that can not be properly digested and unnecessarily burdens our elimination organs. Raw foods on the other hand are rich in nutrients and enzymes that help our body to fully thrive. Raw fruits and veggies also balance our pH value, are more hydrating and can greatly improve our digestion.

I loved the newly found energy, mental clarity and joyful lightness that came with the transition to raw foods.

Nevertheless, when I was just starting out, I had to go through watery salad dressings, always the same smoothies and a lot of insecurity about what to eat how and when. After three years on this lifestyle, I learned so much especially for creating delicious, healthy meals. Do you also want more vibrancy in your life?

No worries, you don't have to go through the same challenges as I did.

To share my experiences with you, I just launched a recipe ebook with all the favourite raw dishes for breakfast, lunch, dinner as well as snack time. Over 130 pages not only with delicious recipes but also valuable information about raw food nutrition and practical tips to get you started.

You can access your own digital copy right away: YES, I AM READY

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Full of nutrients with exciting flavours

  • 55 delicious, raw recipes for all levels of experience
  • Fully plant-based, free of any animal products
  • Gluten-free, soy-free, mostly oil-free, low in nuts and fat
  • Simple instructions, easy to follow recipes
  • With minimal equipment possible, no dehydrator needed
  • Including 7-day raw vegan Meal Plan
  • Additional 35+ pages with powerful content to get you started


Explore delicious, healthy meals to create at home

  • Creamy fruit smoothies
  • Refreshing fruit drinks
  • Fruit and nice-cream recipes
  • Colourful, satiating salads and sauces
  • Delicious zucchini noodle recipes
  • Raw veggie soups
  • Creative finger food
  • Raw cakes, pralines and other treats

You would like more information about the ebook or take a peak inside? Click here: YES, SHOW ME MORE

No matter if you are already a passionate raw foodie or just want to dip your toes into the raw world - this ebook got you covered. Dive into the delicious world of raw flavours with me and enjoy the nourishment that comes from including more raw foods.

Enjoy your journey! Anais

With a healthy body, a balanced mind and a happy soul we can make our wildest dreams come true. Raw Expansion

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Your food looks amazingly delicious indeed - so yummy

Thank you - I've put together my best recipes for you. I think the zoodle chapter is my favourite :D

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