You Down wit' OGC // Episode 5 // Vegan Misconceptions!

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What's all this vegan bs about???

Did you know that veganism is the biggest growing diet trend? I wanted to address some of the biggest misconceptions that people have about the vegan lifestyle, based off of the questions we get asked most often.

My veg brother @larrymorrison joined me on this episode to lightly, politely (for the most part), and at times satirically, discuss this controversial topic. Why controversial? Check out the video!

We discuss:

  • Twigs & Leaves
  • It's so haaaarrd
  • Preachy assholes
  • Do you even lift
  • Where do you get your......

Also, stay tuned at the end for Amy's @thehoneys best vegan joke ever....

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR WATCHING -- Please comment, respectfully discuss, and question!! I respect that everyone has an opinion and that this is a strong topic. With that said, I would love to hear from you!!

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@ogc @larrymorrison you should have the right to eat whatever you like. If they don't like it who cares honestly?!?! LOL! I am not a vegan but I don't have a problem people that are. Everyone has the right to eat what what they choose. Great video guys!

Hahaha! Best 16 minutes of my day today! But honestly guys, I don't know how you do it, can't imagine a life without meat in it. I CAN'T go afew days without my body screaming for some treat.Lord. Hats off to you both, I don't care what you say, MEAT IS BAE! With the rapid increase in GMO's worldwide, I think all our food supplies are under attack anyways, no wonder the rapid increase of cancer and many other diseases , I wouldn't necessarily point it towards meat @larrymorrison..
Either way, It doesn't really matter what one puts in their bodies, thereI are sick countries out there that eat cats and dogs and snakes and what not and they do perfectly fine..YUUUUUCK.

I'll leave it there @ogc @larry xo.

Great Insight though. Xo

Aw thank you for watching the video @elsiekjay! I'm glad it gave you a chuckle.
I agree with you, our entire food supply is some degree of compromised. And the human body has an amazing ability to adjust and evolve in order to survive. Surviving is the key term though, thrive is something different. There are countries that eat cats and dogs and snakes, yes. Saying that they do perfectly fine is an interpretation of that country's level of health. And every one person is different from the rest.
You're awesome, thank you again for commenting!

Keep them Coming! Have yourself a Fantastic Day. #Tucksin.

Thank you for all your help. Sharing your knowledge, advice, and your guidance. You are helping to make life a healthier one. Cheers. @ogc

@ogc and @larrymorrison, this is a very nice video! A lot of useful information. I respect all Vegans.

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