What I Ate Today // Healthy Vegan Food

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Are you looking for some easy, healthy, plant based meals to put in your face hole??
I can help! I am a Certified Health Coach (through the Institute of Integrated Nutrition) and a previous fitness bikini competitor.

Let me know what you think!! If you have questions, goals, comments, etc!
Thank you, you’re awesome!!

Shout out to @steemcafe for the video skills and always shout out to @scottshots because he’s awesome and everyone should follow him. Obviously.

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Ive been living off spit peas, kidney beans, chick peas and veggies for a long long time lol Its literally all I eat and I never get board of it.

So relatable, I try to always bring a snack wherever I go! (even if it's just a piece of fruit) I don't always eat them, but when I don't carry snacks, that's when I get super hungry and end up eating too much at my next meal, or ordering fast food - no bueno lol.

Yes- I am so familiar with the hangry feeling! 90% chance- I’ve got snacks.

AWESOME!!!! Great video. 2.5 hours on prep. Wow. Beautiful camera work. @ogc You Rock! #mypic

Well done! Gotta hand it to you.

Thanks for the tips!
I'm a plant powered athlete getting back into shape and will be keeping an eye out for new video's you're sharing 🙂

Vegan food is not only healthy but tasty and easy to digest, keeps your health intact and you get a very good sleep

Awesome Info.

Health isn't everything but without it everything is nothing.

Great video. You look nice and healthy.
I am currently doing a 23 hour fast daily, week on / week off but eat very little over all. I am vegan for over a year now and a veggie for over 30 years.

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