Low salt. low fat high carb vegan diet

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Forget what your'e nutritionist or so called "expert" told you, personal experience and experimentation the ultimate teachers. If you eat vegan and what tons of natural energy, than make sure everything you eat is under 200 mg of salt and make sure to not eat any more than 300 to 450 a day, each item has less than 10 gram's of fat, less than 5 grams of the various other fat categories, and has a minimum of 21 grams of carbs. The result's will surprise, i cannot promise you will lose weight but energy, you will feel like walking or running 5 miles or more eating this way combined with regular sleep of course. Here is a list of what i eat in a day so far..........


Two slices of jewish rye bread toasted to dark brown
1 banana peeled
1 cup of Kashi go lean crunch cereal
2/3rd cup of soymilk no particular brand.


1 cup of Hapi snack's wasabi coated peas 2 watermelon spears
1 Kind brand granola bar's chocolate crunch or oat and flax or 6 to 10 cantaloupe slices
1 and a half apples worth of apple slices tart. 1 apples worth of apple slices with a
small container of avocado dip low salt of


Spaghetti made with: noodle and veggie sweet and sour
pasta zero noodles kung pao made with:
All purpose crushed tomato no salt added 1 cup or Thai kitchen noodles 2 cups
Firm tofu 2/3 cup to a cup 1 cup of any kung pao or stir fry salad
1 bell pepper kit without sauce pack
low sodium sweet and sour sauce or

Chili made with:
chili beans 1 cup
1 bell pepper
All purpose crushed tomato
1 cup onion
2 teaspoons chili powder.

Results are that some days my energy level can be ordinary, usually when it's a low entropy day i.e. not much sun but if the sun is out....... HOLY SHIT!!!!! i get so much natural energy from this diet especially if i'm well rested that i'm actually slightly uncomfortable, definitely go burn some of that energy off, you will feel amazing and you probably will lose some extra pounds but no guarantee's.

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