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Earlier this week, I discussed the power of the sacred feminine and its potential to liberate human beings, and animals, in my ongoing Vegan Anarchy series. In this post, I'm going to take a look at the imperative role of the sacred masculine principle within the anarchist and vegan movements of today.

“In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act”. - George Orwell

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Anarchists, in their understanding and application of the non-aggression principle, receive the strength and inspiration they need from the supreme Goddess, the mother of creation, to continue in their arduous pursuit of a world without masters or rulers. A world where each human being is respected as sovereign and one in which men and women treat all human beings as brothers and sisters of one divine family.

But it is important, especially for those who consider themselves activists, to recognise the infinite power of the sacred masculine principle and its crucial role in establishing freedom on Earth. The passive, nurturing and receptive qualities of the feminine must work in union with the active, emissive and assertive qualities of the masculine.

A small minority of anarchists refusing to participate in the political arena is not enough to plant the seeds of change and create the world in which we all want to live. Anarchists must harness that burning desire for freedom, innate within each one of us, to actively spread the message of liberty and sew the seeds of true freedom in the minds and hearts of our brothers and sisters.

If you know the truth, you must stir up the powerful forces and currents of the divine masculine and use it in conjunction with the sacred feminine.

In other words, speak the truth to others.

Get active. Get engaged. Speak the truth through art. Joke about it through comedy. Embed it in your music. Write about it on Steem. Shout it through a megaphone if you must. Whatever you do, know that whenever you speak this eternal truth to others you call upon the great revolutionaries of the past. Those immortalised men, women and children who laid down their lives in the name of freedom. By illuminating and awakening the minds of others you join the ranks of those courageous pioneers who dared to declare their sovereignty and independence. Who dared to stand up to the tyrants and say, 'NO! You are not the boss of me!'

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The same message is true of vegans. It takes integrity to radically change one's lifestyle and diet in the name of truth and morality. It takes courage to speak it to others.

You've become aware of the horrors of industrialised farming and have withdrawn your support from the abhorrent meat and dairy industries. You've reignited the divine feminine spark within your own soul by emphasising with the billions of creatures pre-destined for slaughter. Their crys and screams have stirred something within your soul and awakened a new level of compassion and understanding. A sudden, unexpected shift in consciousness has forced you to see the world from an entirely new perspective. No longer do you see 'happy meals' or 'laughing cows'. But you hear their crys and feel their pain. You feel anger, disgust and shame for having participated in such barbarism and cruelty. You look upon your fellow man in astonishment as he unconsciously eats the body parts of some forgotten animal. A piece of cow, pig, or chicken that was once a living, whole, innocent being. A being that wanted to live. But then you remember that you were once in his shoes. You were once a rampant consumer of cruelty and death, but something happened. Something changed.

But now what?

What next?

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It is important to channel this inner anger and sorrow into something productive, and potentially beneficial, for the animals: Perhaps art, music, writing or video production is your creative outlet. Perhaps it's standing outside of slaughterhouses with banners and signs, or marching in protest in the city centres. Whatever it is, find your creative muse and cultivate it. Find the activity that is best suited to your temperament and educate others on the inherent cruelty in animal agriculture.

'Your silence is as violent as a butcher's knife'

Knowing the truth is only the beginning. The journey begins when you speak the truth and educate others. You've awakened the inner feminine, and now it's time to unite with the inner masculine in sacred communion.

It's time for all of us, vegans and anarchists, servants of truth, to participate in The Great Work of educating and awakening our fellow humans to the cosmic moral laws inherent in creation. Our actions have consequences, and we can no longer continue on this path of death and destruction if we want to leave a world behind for our children. The time is now. The revolution is upon us.

Let's get to work.

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  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Well spoken @mckeever, this is clear, inspirational writing. Nothing to say, it is all clearly laid out!

Ty @barge!

I love your writing! I really vibed with the message hear and haven't heard much before about the sacred masculine, though I totally agree.. We gotta be strong and well grounded and not budge when it comes to important issues of morality. We have to be like warriors because those who want to enslave won't be dissuaded by anything else but by those who fight for themselves and their freedom and their loved ones.. If you refuse to fight, they'll just walk or steamroll right over you.

Thanks for putting out important information like this! It's highly appreciated and definitely got a resteem from me. I look forward to seeing more articles from you in the future and I'm glad I found you! So far I have a lot of respect and appreciation for your message and the way you present it. Thanks!

This is a very important topic that has been at the forefront of my mind lately. I have been internally working on my own beliefs trying to identify the line between judgement, polarity, interfering with the free will of other entities on their journey of evolution and forcing what resonates with me on others VS. non-judgement, non-attachment, unconditional universal love and allowing total free will and individual evolution without interference. I used to be very militant, angry and judgmental about my beliefs trying to convince people to do what I believe is best, such as veganism.

Currently I've taken a step back with a "hands off" non-interference policy and am only focused on internal work, being a living example and sharing information that I have found valuable openly for anyone to accept or reject.

I don't know the answer and I am continuing to reflect and evolve, but I am interested to hear the perspective of others on this topic and why.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I hope I didn't give the impression of spreading the message of freedom in a militant way. I think it only makes sense to speak directly to those who are somewhat open minded and already on the path of awakening. I don't really try to convince my family to go vegan. I choose to write blog posts because it isn't an imposing form of communication. People can choose, via their free will, to read my work or discard it. That's up to them.

With that said, the people that need to be reached the most are those in the police and military, which is why I respect Mark Passio's work so much.

Unconditional love is all well and good, and I agree with that sentiment and will write a post on it at some point. But some people aren't willing to receive your love and will gladly violate your rights if told to by some 'authority' figure. It's these people that need to be reached. Even telling them that you love them will not stop them from violating you. Some people need to be called out on their wrong behavior in a very direct way.

As always, thanks for reading and upvoting @thepatrick. Are you still in Acapulco?

No, you did not I was just using the two examples of the polar extremes of spreading an idea -- militant VS pacifism -- that I am trying to find the line between that resonates within me. Your examples of art, music and blogging are excellent and I appreciate them because they definitely feel like they fall within that line.

Often we see the projection of guilt being used in Veganism, even through physically non-violent activism like protesting, or PETA videos, in attempts to spread the message, but in my opinion that is just another form of violence and militant force that violates free will, and in most cases pushes people that need to hear the message the most away more than bringing them closer because they are repelled by it. Manipulating behavior through acts that purposefully make the recipient feel guilt (or the projection of any emotion onto them without their permission with the intent of modifying their behavior according to what I believe they should do and believe) is in my opinion the exertion physical force.

I love Mark Passio's work and information and I am so grateful to find out that someone is out there spreading that message. I don't enjoy the aggressive presentation style personally because he's preaching to the choir with me and I already agree with every word he says, but I do understand the purpose and necessity in reaching some individuals. I hope it works. The challenge I see, is that I have been studying his field of expertise myself for over 10 years, and I have never heard of him until this past Anarchapulco. In fact, I've never heard of anyone in the Anarchist community even talking about this topic until his talk at Anarchapulco 2018. That to me is a blaring problem. If I've never heard of him and I am actively searching for experts like him, then how many people who may be ready to hear the message are out there who are never exposed to him? How can this be rectified? Although part of the challenge is that the message is way ahead of the curve of personal development and responsibility than most people are ready to accept, but it seems to me that if this is the case after this many years of effort on his part, maybe there might be a more effective way to spread the message that hasn't been thought of or attempted. I don't know, I felt like I was the only person who realized that we are never going to change the outside world without addressing the true source of the problem directly, but I am pleasantly surprised to have finally met so many people this Anarchapulco 2018 who share in this realization.

Much love, thank you for sharing. Yes, I am still in Acapulco. I will be here for a couple more weeks before heading out on a road trip to spend some time exploring the Mayan ruins in the Yucatan.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Great points in this comment and I agree with pretty much all of them. As you said, it's about balancing pacifism (feminine) with direct action (masculine). It's why writing resonates so much with me.

I agree when you say some vegans project their guilt onto others. It is important for vegans to remember that they, too, were once avid meat eaters. Some of them seem to have short term memory loss and forget they ate meat & animal products for 90 percent of their lives.

This information wasn't forced upon me; I looked into veganism through my own self-inquiry and curiosity and came to the decision myself. I think that is the same of most vegans, but they think yelling it at others or talking about it 24/7 is going to convince others to change. It isn't. Everyone is at their own level of understanding and some people are simply not ready to be unplugged.

I'm not sure if you've heard of him, but I believe Ken O'Keefe has the perfect delivery. He speaks hard truths, but his compassion, love and spirituality shine through in his videos. One of his videos on Facebook (Syrian false flag) had like 32 million views. People resonate with his message.

I'll have to save up and attend next year's anarchapulco. I'm tired of the shitty weather in the UK.

Excellent post and well written. Resteemed!

'Knowing the truth is only the beginning. The journey begins when you speak the truth and educate others. You've awakened the inner feminine, and now it's time to unite with the inner masculine in sacred communion.' It is time for the second wave indeed! :D

What a great piece @mckeever, I wholeheartedly agree with every word. Silence is akin to participation, I believe it is our l duty, when we know something is wrong ,we have a moral responsibility to speak up. We must fight for the future of this world, this is not a fight for us, this is a fight for the voiceless, a fight for the silent screams of billions who die for taste. We must rise up and fight for the future of this planet for all its inhabitance.

As a parent myself the onus is on me to fight for my children, to fight and resist everything and anything that puts their future in jeopardy.

Great piece. Resteemed.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Yep, we all have our own unique role to play in spreading this message and awakening others.

Thanks, as always, for the upvote and resteem @moonunit.

Do you ever see int he movie "The Matrix" how when the awakened ones speak up against the system the rest of society turned on them? This is what it's like speaking to people around. It wears on the mind but like u said in your posts, there are many ways to do activism. Devine.


Of course, The Matrix is one of my all-time favourites!

Thanks for reading and commenting @kinganima


Of course, The Matrix is one of my all-time favourites!

Thanks for reading and commenting @kinganima

this picture is gold.

Great job once again, bringing together two communities who both want the same thing: A Better World.