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It’s so very hard to let go of our programming when it comes to healing ourselves “naturally”....

What does healing entail?

It takes persistence, giving the digestive system periodic breaks, quality & natural fruits & produce, low stress, sunlight, fresh air, clean water, bodily movement, a connection with nature & herbs, just to name a few...

What is getting In the way & holding us back?

IMO, it’s the constant urge to look for more... we feel the above mentioned is not enough, we constantly look for supplements or vitamins, minerals or substances to take... we lack trust in nature & our bodies ability to heal ...

Vitamins & supplements will actually inhibit the healing process as they are isolates, throw body chemistry off & create more acids & inflammation believe it or not!

It seems many feel their particular health issues are unique & that diet is just not enough....this is simply not true....

Here are a few points I took from The Detox Miracle Sourcebook:

•too much vitamin supplementation causes acidosis

•Vitamin C is acidic,leaches our calcium, & lowers beneficial cholesterol

•supplementation of separated constituents can lead to imbalances in your body’s chemistry

•artificial vitamins accumulate in your tissues causing obstructions and toxicity

I found such a freedom in this information, it’s such a headache & financial drain searching around & trying to figure out what supplements or vitamins to take!

Persistency is key, as long as the acid forming foods are left behind (meat, dairy, eggs, grains) the healing process is inevitable...

Mariah 🍎 Heal Thy Self
Healthy Self

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