My First Home-Grilled Beyond Burger®

in vegan •  6 months ago

After months of waiting for a supermarket to carry Beyond Burger®, I finally found one close to home. The store had not, as directed by the packaging, affixed a use by date—and I told them so, but the 'butcher' did not seem to care and suggested that, considering it's a plant-based product, it would likely be the 'half-life' of the freeze by date. Or something.

Beyond Burger.jpg

I cooked it for 'Memorial Day' and, as it sizzled in the skillet, I Memorialed all of the slaughtered sentient beings that were currently being disrespected on the nation's million grills.

I built my burger with a Dave's Killer Bread® 21 Grains bagel, a crunch of romaine lettuce, some fried onions, a slice of beef tomato, a slice of Chao, and some Sweet Baby Ray's® barbecue sauce, which after countless hours of research is the best barbecue sauce for my English sensibilities.

I served it with cherry tomatoes and some beetroot slices flash-pickled with white wine vinegar and freshly ground black pepper from Costco®.

Good god it's the best burger ever created. I have missed the taste of burgers since going vegan. But now I need miss them no more. Even my omni-wife was blindsided by the meatiness.


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Wow! It looks so tasty and delicious.
I just loved your post. 😍 😍 😍
Nice content
Very well articulated.

please have a look on my post🤗💙

Thanks @lenskonig for sharing this post.

😋😋😋 it looks so nutritious and tasty. I like you post very much.
Keep it up!!
Wish you all the best @lenskonig.
Waiting for your another post.

Thanks for sharing

Upvoted & resteemed your post.

Looks pretty interesting and more than that its delicious wow :D

Looks good. Thank you for sharing!
Wanted to give this another go.
Can't seem to source the Beyond Burger® in Canada.

Oh dear.


It seems to be available only in USA.
The Impossible™ Burger is only available in USA and Hong Kong.

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