Selfie with fruit contest - Kiwi Robo Eye!!!

in vegan •  last year  (edited)

When I saw the competition with @chetanpadliya I could not choose which fruit I like to take a selfie with🙈 I love all fruits and eat them every day. I decided to make a selfie with kiwi, because today I prepare a delicious juice of kiwi, apples and kale

I like kiwi because it is a fruit that has many properties, including laxative, slimming and also nutritional

Kiwi is rich in vitamins (especially vitamin C), minerals (magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, iron and, above all, potassium), as well as in lutein, which has a positive effect on vision and fiber which regulates the digestive system.

I hope I encourage You to eat more kiwis! Now I'm going to drink my juice! 🍸 🍏 😄



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Super! 🥝


Dziękuję 😘

What a beautiful photo, I liked the combination of the color of your blouse with your eye and the green of the kiwi. I love kiwi but in my country it is not possible because it is very expensive. Luck in the contest


Thanks! In Poland kiwis do not grow neither but they are not so expensive in grocery stores (lucklily) 😋


Hi, love your 🥝selfie! 😄


Thanks! You can participate in this contest too😃


Hey, thanks! But guess, I'm too late now for the contest, but Chetan surely will host another one soon.
Cu, Chris 😄