A Quick Story About Drugs

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👉 This is (unfortunately) a true story from my personal experience!

I was once invited in for dinner at a doctor's house (well let's be honest, mansion) when I had stopped by to help them with their security system.

At first, I politely declined his generous invitation but he insisted I come in and join them to thank me. Doing the whole "oh thank you but I really shouldn't" thing was getting me nowhere. Not wanting to offend him and my tummy rumbling from a long, busy day with no food, I caved in and accepted.

His family had come from India and so I was really excited to try his wife's traditional cooking! I had been over to the house many times and bathed in the delicious smells coming from the kitchen and even watched as she meticulously applied her spices to the fry pan and cut fresh veggies from the garden. They had a huge garden outside where they were growing all sorts of fruits and veggies all year round that they used fresh in their meals. I'd walked along the rows of trees and plants while the loving husband and wife told me what each plant was and how they used it.

When I walked in the house, it didn't smell like it usually did.

That night they had decided to switch things up and were offering delivered pizza.

My heart sank as I politely explained to the doctor that I was vegan and cannot tolerate gluten nor dairy as he offered me the vegetarian pizza which was of course veggies on top of cheese and crust.

I'll never in my entire life forget what he told me... 👉 "Just take a pill for that." 🤔👀👀

Quivering out of disbelief and to be honest, a little bit upset that this was what a doctor's answer was, I managed to say --

"But as a doctor, don't you think that if the body is rejecting a food that we should listen to it? Wouldn't that be like putting a band-aid on?"

He laughed and said he suggests this medication to many of his clients so they can eat whatever they want. 😳😳😳😳

I stayed with them to enjoy their company and sipped on some water as the doctor explained to me that there is a pill to fix everything. I sat there listening, horrified.

Many of our doctors are TAUGHT -- hmm, no, PROGRAMMED to PUSH PHARMACEUTICALS on us! Even if there is a natural relief or way to heal. But the thing is if we listen to Hippocrates (you know, the guy whose very name is titled on the oath doctors have to all swear by, the Hippocratic Oath) "Let FOOD be thy medicine..."

Dr. Neal Barnard founded an institution that brings together professional, educated doctors in the joint purpose of helping cure people responsibly.

Let me put it this way-- if you're ingesting fresh produce grown with the energy of the sun, water and soil (our natural elements) you're fueling your body with love from the Earth that will nourish your body!

Most importantly, if your body is sending you a message-- THAT'S IT'S JOB! It's telling you that something is wrong so we need to listen to that, not try to hide it with some lab created drugs!

Check out this amazing article that was my inspiration to share this story with you. It shares a real life story of how a plant based diet cured Crohn's disease.

Love, Cece😘
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You are a good storyteller, my darling. Missed me? Hahaha. Like the doctor did, I am inviting you to my own place as well...and I hope this comment meets you with an empty stomach and a busy day haha.

"Thou shall do no harm!" Seems that where there is money to be made good advice seems to take a back seat.

Damn it.
This sounds like a comedian or satirical movie/ book....
There is a pill for everything...wowowow

Wouldn't it be great just to eat healthy, listen to the body and take less of this f**** pills?!!!!

This story has to be shared!
Thanks for this article

Yep. Though I am from the carnivore side of the human race :) I too listen to my body. I am entirely un medicated and have been for a large number of years.

It is entirely unfortunate that MOST doctors (and truthfully most of their patients) just have/want a pill for anything. Don't change anything to cure yourself, take a pill. Then take one to mitigate the side effects from the first one and hope it isn't contraindicated. Repeat.

Thanks. It's a thing that needs to be said.

How disappointing and common. Ironically he grows his own veggies and yet doesn’t fully push that to his patients

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And yeah, the doctor-drug-dealers of this world making us all pharmasick.

They certainly are programmed. They believe the lies they are taught. They are good surgeons, but our own bodies know best. I am allergic to dairy also, and my mother fought for me when I was a baby. The docs wanted to give me shock therapy and drill a hole in my skull, they said I was crazy. I was sick, that's all.
A lot of people think they know better than you, title or no title, and tell you what you should do or be doing and how you should be doing it. Even if they know nothing about what they're talking about haha When it comes to our bodies and health, we know best, despite being taught not give our power away to someone of "authority". Our bodies tell us things. When we know how to listen and we know the secrets of natural healing, we don't need to give up our own power to someone who will decide for us what is best for us.
By the way, I saw you were a Map delegator, like me, are you also part of @naturalmedicine? You seem to know a lot about wholistic well being. You'd fit in well with the rest of us 😊

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