My Vegan BBQ Feast

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Wazzup steemit peeps, the plant based market is expanding rapidly and some great choices are available, this is what I picked up today, 1 of them is the impossible burger, which by the way was amazing.



The veggie burgers I have to say would have fooled a meat eater, because they blead while cooking.





I know this doesn't appeal to some vegans due to the fact some don't like food that resembles meat or the packaging is plastic, but you have to admit it is a change, and I feel it is a step in the right direction, and best meal I have had lately.





Mmmmmm vegan bbq!!


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Thanks 😊

This really looks delicious!
We had our last vegan bbq (for this year) some weeks ago.
Almost the same: with beyond burgers and some sausages.


They awesome aren't they, we had some unusually good weather here north of Scotland and I am a die hard when it comes to a BBQ, thanks for checking out my post

They are indeed awesome!
We can buy them here in the Netherlands now for about two months and I directly fell in love with them :)

I like the Vivera ones - seem to bbq really nicely :-) I'm not keen on vegan foods for those people transitioning from being meet eaters to vegans, as find they are too similar to the taste and texture of meats, from what I can remember from 30 years ago. For a bbq though, as a now-and-again food, they are good!

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