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Dear Steemians,

For those who don’t know me, I’m extremely passionate about animal rights and about the environment in general, and a little over a year ago, I’ve decided to stop eating animal products (at least most of them!).

Someone had pointed out to me that I was being a hypocrite for calling myself an animal lover, because even though I loved cats, dogs and other house pets, I was eating cows, pigs and chickens without giving it any further thought. That’s my story!

I regularly write about this topic, sharing my thoughts on what’s happening in the food industry, the challenges of converting to vegetarianism or veganism, and sharing vegan recipes. My dearest wish is “convert” more people like me, who haven’t realized yet that they are harming animals as well as the environment. My goal is to grow the vegan community world-wide by spreading knowledge and creating awareness via the Steemit platform.

I have read plenty of articles of fellow vegan steemians, and I feel a need to connect with them on a more personal level. Commenting on their articles is just not enough, and it often ends there unfortunately. If I feel this way, I’m sure many others also do. Therefore, I’ve taken the initiative to create a community on Discord called Vegans of Steemit.



What you can do on Vegans of Steemit

  • This channel unites all the people on Steemit who have a common goal, which is to fight for a better world and eliminate animal cruelty. Here, you can connect with like-minded vegans and vegetarians, share recipes, stories, experiences, ideas and projects. The goal is to keep inspiring and to support each other on this platform.
  • You can also share your articles here and promote your own projects.

What are the benefits of joining this channel

  • Meeting members who will convert into loyal followers.
    If you’ve researched a little about how to become successful on Steemit, you’ve probably read that it is very important to join at least one community. Connections are what will make you succeed or fail on this platform, and there is no better way to connect with other members than on a discord channel like Vegans of Steemit. You will meet like minded people, and from experience, great friendships can come out of such networks. If you are new on Steemit and still feel lost about how it all works, this is even more important for you.

  • Gain visibility
    Joining our channel with automatically allow you to gain visibility, as you will have a community behind you to support your work. You can drop your articles in the appropriate channel, and reach more interested readers that way. Obviously, in the end we hope that this will turn into higher payouts for your posts.
    I will personally resteem any article posted with the tag #vegansofsteemit (no photos or memes)

  • Promote your projects
    If you have any projects, contests, or ideas that you would like to launch, this is the place to do it to gain support. I personally pledge to support any projects that are related to the above mentioned topics in any way possible.

What’s expected of you?

Being a good member, and giving back on your end. What I mean by that is that if you have received support from a fellow member, try to do the same for them or for others. A community is a group effort, so please don’t just drop your links and leave. We would like you to stay and interact with others, and eventually get to know you. Other than that, there is no commitment required.

If you support the idea of a great vegan steemit community on discord, please join our server here

I look forward to chatting with you there =)

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Great initiative! Can't wait to see a serious crypto for helping the veganism and anti-specism causes.


there are so many cryptocurrencies for funny causes, there should definitely be one for such a great movement!


VegCoin! VGN consensus mechanism is Proof of Compassion by stimulating the economy and veganism movement (buying vegan products with the coin, giving to animal charities and so on). What do you think? ;)


I will definitely use such a coin! There was The Vegan Initiative (XVE) coin but it seems they gave up the project.


I had no idea about that :O


That's cool, do you have any links, a Google search seemingly doesn't bring up anything?


@veganrobot and I are currently working on such a project. The first part will be an interface for STEEM to gather up knowledge into an encyclopedia and people into a community. You can check the fundamentals here.

this is an amazing idea! thanks @evecab for everything you do!

Awesome initiative Eve! I am not that far yet (to be a vegan) but you know I love nature and really appreciate any efforts leading to protecting fauna and flora of our beautiful planet :) Happy to upvote this!


thanks @phortun!!! Feel free to join and chat =) I'm not a nazi about who can join and who can't. Thanks for supporting this!

Great project Eve! We support you in this :)

Go go go !


Thank you @futurethinker for your support =) Who knows, maybe we'll convert you too ahaha

that's great, I'd like to join the chat, I'm from Russia, hope to find some inspiration on how to spread veganism in a country that lags behind the West 10-15 years (like what is the best strategy in that point of time and that stage of development, what is the best thing to devote my limited time and efforts to)


It will take time, but I'm sure Russia will get there too. I remember when I was laughing at vegans a few years back...

This sounds incredible. Community is everything. Looking forward to checking it out!!

Nice project @evecab, hope you have success on it. :D


Gracias Raquel =)

This is such a great idea. I got invited via a comment on one of my posts.

Resteemed for more visibility!


thank you @chiaandgreen =) I hope too see you there!

i admire the advocacy


thanks @ablaire =)

Oh hi I'm vegan. today wrote about this publication

What a cool discord group. Upvoted :)

Awesome! Great idea. I do a lot of traveling and love to discover veggie and vegan places! If you want to know the top vegan places in Bali, check out my post :-)

I have done so much research on this topic. I'm afraid that you guys have gone the wrong direction. Vegetarians made big strides, and farmers changed their ways, spending billions worldwide in the process. Now we can get properly sourced meat, eggs and honey (just to name three). By NOT supporting those farmers, who have supported the ORIGINAL movement, which is proper humane meat and egg production, you are turning this whole movement backwards.

Honey is a whole other story... But same same, source your food right (this also goes for vegetables). Bees in nature surrounding western civilisations are dying because of the pesticides we spray TO KEEP BUGS OFF VEGETABLES... (I won't go there, it's simple enough...). So because of this, people started making bee hives at home, and keeping them safe from pesticides, as well as keeping them away from bees in nature to avoid spreading disease. This is proper sourcing... Many of these people are vegetarians and pro permiculturilists. By not supporting them, backwards...seeing a pattern?

And finally... In Australia at least, every single piece of kangaroo meat found in supermarkets, including the billionaires, Coles and woolworths, are provided by hunters. No kangaroo farms, they're a pest!
In order for a kangaroo to be allowed into this market, a hunter must be licensed. Once licensed, you receive X amount of tags. Shoot the gutts(ruins the meat), sell the skin. Head shot, sell the meat. There is NO incentive to just leave a roo dead if you can sell the skin and meat for good money. In fact, farmers have big problems with kangaroos eating their crops (meat doesn't grow on trees...), so they hire hunters to kill them. Your vegetables are also responsible for killing animals.

I hope this is all making sense to you guys... I'm not hating, I'm an educator. I am FOR the betterment of humanity. And I've done a lot of research on this topic. Please do yours, and make the right decision.

I would also like to point out that computers, the infrastructure around the network going worldwide (MASSSSSSIVE cable underwater through the sea), buildings supporting network servers, etc. All of this kills the earth. So the best way to support veganism is to to stop living in western culture.

Fantastic idea!

Yaay! Wonderful that more and more vegan are flocking to STEEM, a few months ago all we could see are vegan recipes. I hope true activism is on it's way soon!

Nice to meet you, see you on discord!

Hey, you guys might want to check out the project I'm currently working on, a platform for ethical vegans, permaculturalists and other environmentalists, eco+. You're going to be able to post to STEEM from there and port older posts to the encyclopedia... Later on, the plan is to create a standalone currency that will reward ecological and vegan activism.


I'm so happy of finding this, I'm new on Steemit and I was looking for others people with my pasion, I'm a vegan activist from Medellín, Colombia and would love to meet more vegans around the world, I love you all, we are fighting for justice, peace and love 🖤🖤🖤


seria un placer tenerte en nuestro grupo =)

geat project