My 5 favourite new steemit Vegan posts of Last 3 days by steemians under reputation 60. (No 8)

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This time my 5 favourite vegan steem posts include recipes, a story of being vegan, a review of the vegan restaurant and information about vegan community on steemit.

Hope you will enjoy reading these vegan posts.

1.Vegan Mango Ice Cream

By - @phira

2.My thoughts on veganism, and my journey to becoming a vegan

By - @indigoprana

3.Vegan Restaurant "NAMMI" in Seoul

By - @trinity31

4.Sunday Breakfast is offer for Steemians today

By - @jmjolivet

5.Introduction to the Vegans of Steemit account, Who we are and our Vision & Mission

By - @vegansofsteemit

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Well the glass of juice is looking so yummy. Keep up the good work.

I am a began and never ate anything non vegetarian. I have many friends who are hard core non veg eater but they know about me and whenever we go out they make sure to arrange veg for me. I am in Singapore since kast 2 years and here getting veg food is not easily available so I try cooking at home whenever get time. I search receipe in youtube most of the times. Now I have seen quite a few recipes thru your posts and will try sometime soon. You are doing a great work sir @chetanpadliya

Keep up the good work.

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Here I share the vegan posts of steemit. If you are a vegetarian consuming and milk then it is not a true vegetarian. Just think about veganism.

Your dishes are very sweet.

I was trying to go vegan and could maintain a vegan diet for about two weeks. Guess I wasn't strong enough, although I am aware of the benefits of veganism. Now I am trying to reduce eating meat as much as possible, and maybe one day I can give up on it forever, a small step at a time.


It is a myth that you lose strength if you are vegan. Just try to understand the cruelty behind non-vegan food and once you will understand there will be no need to try to leave non-vegan food it will be automatically left.


I wasn't thinking about physical strength, more like the strength of will to pursue a diet without meat. I could use some advice what food to eat to avoid craving for meat and diary products.


I think it's great you are interested in becoming a vegan! Here's what I experienced: Vegan foods often have less calories than animal products, therefore you should make sure your plate is a bit fuller when eating plant based. It's also helpful to eat a good amount of whole grain carbohydrates and lots of legumes, so that you're full.

Of course, the hardest part is to overcome our non-vegan habits and cravings. But just try out some alternatives and slowly replace your non-vegan meals for vegan versions you actually really like. There are plenty of awesome recipes on the internet, including Steemit :) Some of them you might not like, but then just try another one! Over time, you'll get used to the new foods and crave animal products less.

I also highly recommend you to join the Challenge 22. You'll get assigned a mentor to help you transition and support you in your journey towards veganism.

Of course, the transition is a process - and every person experiences it differently. Remember: every small step you take is a step in the right direction!

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I'm glad you broke free from the nonsense, @indigoprana. Society programs us to eat meat...what was a survival mode for some became a powerful business model today. We are brainwashed by propaganda and not just what we eat, but how we think.


Indeed we are brainwashed and bombarded with so much nonsense on pretty much all sides of are existence,schools tv,media. I guess it will remain one of my biggest regrets not listening to my higher self when I was younger, I might not be able to go back and change it but its a duty of mine now to speak up for the animals that don`t have a voice.

Thanks so much for introducing @vegansofsteemit! I was looking for a vegan community on Steemit.

Thanks a lot for sharing my recipe, @chetanpadliya! Great work! :)