Vegan reaction to carnivores taking selfies with dead flesh.

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All life is sacred, as humans we value our own lives so much so that we believe that it is acceptable for us to use other beings, torture, abuse and inhumanely kill them, just to satisfy our own taste buds. If the reverse happens and a human is eaten by a shark, tiger or bear, we are shocked, confused and angry. When a human dies the body is respected and buried with a ritual but when it comes to animals: we package, process and sell parts of their bodies.
When we as humans de-value other life and unrespectfully buy and eat meat as if it is a human right, we trap ourselves in an ego driven, carnally instinctual way of behaving and seeing the world, staying programmed within the matrix, you consume fear and brutality that leaves you trapped within a lower vibratory way of experiencing the world.

By being conscious and taking control of what I eat, to be mindful and cause the least amount of harm as possible, for me is the most spiritually aligned path to be my best authentic happy and healthy self. By choosing not to ingest pain and suffering, energetically has be the most effective positive change i've had on my own mental and physical well being. But above all it has given me greater empathy and compassion for all life on this planet. I'm not vegan for my ego, i'm vegan for the animals, planet & everyone! ✌️

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I'm in SE Asia now and animal and fish carcasses are everywhere on the streets for sale as food in all countries. You really cannot avoid it.

I ran into vegan lady from Germany a couple years ago at a book club meeting, and someone was talking about eating a bbq horse meal in Uzbekistan, and she told them to stop or it would make her sick.

I asked her how she could tolerate all the dead animals openly on the streets of Bangkok, and she said she blurred her eyes while walking! She had been here for at least 15 years at that time.


I know exactly what you mean. Been to Se Asia a few times and often go to the traditional markets but the animal product section is very stomach wrenching, the smell alone I find repulsive, it's hard to blur the eyes but we try!


Even if you can't avoid it, you can't appreciate it too. We should always condemn what needs to be condemned. Shouldn't we?


I feel that is a good path to misery if you are confronted with it daily, but some people enjoy such a life, so I cannot judge them. If you are in a place where you do not speak the language, how would you go about condemning the people who live there for their diet?

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