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RE: Virus or Poison ?

in #vaccines6 years ago

Guess who profits off calling it a virus ?

So then they inject you with more poison

Poison doesn't prevent poison

Tetanus ?
The vaccine's "active" ingredient is the poison which is made by the bacteria. Antibodies against poison do not constitute an immunization.

Prevent the bacteria from producing poison !

Wow that is a thought !

Wound hygiene is essential, general good health is protective and vaccination is worthless.


I’m so happy my 2 yr-old daughter never got vaccinated and that all she eats is ORGANIC FOOD 🥘

I work everyday with viruses. Their is a huge difference between a virus and a poison. If you work with you can understand thatvthey are not related. As for tetanus their is not a vaccine its called toxoid. A bacterial toxines that have been modified using chemicals. Cloatridium tetani its an anaerobic bacteria. Its impossible to kill all bacteria in a wound just with an desinfecting agent. If desifecting ia enough than open surgery can be done in open or in the garden without sterile plastic glows. All your statment are false. Be careful, what you say today can be used agains you tomorrow.

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