GOVERNMENT Kidnaps 4 Unvaccinated Children From Mother!

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The Child Protective Services are at it again, this time taking away four beautiful children from their mother. Although the specific reason wasn't given, it is extremely likely that they were taken away because she didn't vaccinate them! The children are now in four separate foster homes!

It started when Autumn Cayten took her baby boy to the emergency room after his arm got caught between the slats of his crib. Autumn pushed for an X-Ray even after her nurse told her that everything was okay, just to make sure everything was perfect. One thing led to another, and the vaccine status of her children became a topic of discussion. Her baby is unvaccinated... actually, all four of her children are. She went through the process of having religious exemptions to avoid vaccinating....

"Eventually, the baby was released and Autumn made it home safely with all four children, only to find that the ER doc had called social services. A social worker and a sheriff showed up at Autumn's door and questioned Autumn and her five year old regarding the incident. The Sheriff and the Social Worker signed off on the case indicating no suspicion of abuse. However, the next morning, Autumn received a phone call with instructions to bring all four children in for physical exams. She complied. And lost all four children."

Cases like these are used against us if we don't fight against them. The warning signs are clear that the corrupt government is starting to get more harsh with their tyrannical penalties against parents who do not vaccinate. More recently, a mother was jailed for 7 days for not vaccinating.

I'm hoping to influence people to help her raise money for the attorney, so she can fight the state and get her children back ASAP. A fundraiser has already started, and almost $5000 of the $10,000 needed has been raised at the time of typing this article.

You can find more on this story and raise money for her case here: Help Autumn get her children back!!

Let's not forget about the Ex- Senator from Georgia, Nancy Schaefer, who exposed the CPS for being a child grabbing pedophile ring. She warned America that the CPS is designed to separate children from their parents and break up families. She went public saying she had high profile names that were involved in this child-trafficking ring, but not long after, Nancy and her husband were shot dead. Of course it was ruled a murder-suicide, as most of these cases are. Either that or the person kills them-self for no apparent reason.

When will America stand up against the CPS? It is clear the agency needs to be shut down and reopened, as Mrs. Schaefer stated, with pro family values.



it is extremely likely that they were taken away because she didn't vaccinate them! The children are now in four separate foster homes!

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