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RE: Doctor and CDC employee who suggested that the flu shot caused the flu outbreak goes missing.

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Pretty scary stuff. I haven't gotten any vaccinations in quite a long time. flu. People get downright nasty and are completely closed minded when you bring up the dangers of vaccinations. It's frustrating.
Killing off the messengers is to be expected. Crazy time we living in. I'm interested now as to what he had to say. I'm going to go find out now. Thanks for the post!! : )


Thanks for taking the time to read/reply. My kids were offered the flu vaccination in school but I refused. A lot of their friends who had it became ill which vindicated my position in my mind. I'm one of the people who believe there is a link between vaccines (specifically MMR) and autism and it just so happens that I am also referred to as a 'conspiracy theorist' by many people I know.

There are a lot of people on Steemit who write about and have first-hand experience of the problems with vaccines but there are also a growing number of people on here who think it's all a conspiracy theory and they flag posts by people trying to bring information about vaccines to light.

Someone who has been posting consistently about vaccines since I started on here over 18 months ago is @canadian-coconut and I would recommend checking out her blog if you are interested in the topic as her feed will almost certainly have some good posts she has written or resteemed on the topic.

Take it easy

Thank you for the info. I'm going to head over to @canadian-coconut now. All through school, my brothers and I used the religious waver to get out of the vaccinations. My dad has been looking into the subject for years and convinced my mom that we shouldn't have them when we were younger. We are all healthy and don't have the same issues that we see with our peers. I'm not saying that it ALL has to do with us not getting vaccinated. Just facts to work with as we try to find out more. : )

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