Pretty rude comment.

CDC pushing vaccinations are the same that ran the Tuskegee experiments, and sprayed DDT on everything. They have a track record of conducting experiments on the public that were kept secret from the people involved for years.

If you want them, then you take them. If you have all your shots, then it doesn't matter what someone else does because they cant give it to you. You could also comment without swearing too, try adding to the debate without being belligerent.

if you seriously think my comment is rude, i dont want to know what to say about unvaccinated kids who put other kids at risk. stop playing with other's people life. are you vaccinated? because i am. i dont have epilepsia or whatever diseases this post mentiones.

Telling anyone to 'shut up' because you don't like what you read, declaring it 'bullshit' without any further evidence or information is incredibly rude.

unvaccinated kids who put other kids at risk.

How is that possible? If the other kids are vaccinated, then how are they going to get anything?

I could post some follow up articles, maybe even one released today but, you've made it obvious that reading is not your thing.

I invite people to chose compassion, humility and kindness to let other know they care about them.

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